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(Updated for 2023!) Christening outfits for boys have a rich history dating back centuries. For most this time, catholic baptism dresses were heirlooms passed on by godmothers to their godchildren. However, with time, the tradition has shifted to allow parents to choose their baby boy baptism outfit, and request design adjustments to suit their vision. This allows parents to express their creativity when planning the baptism and make their little one feel special with a unique outfit on-key with current trends.

Catholic Baptism

What Does a Baby Boy Wear for a Catholic Baptism?

When it comes to choosing a modern boy's christening outfit, you'll want to consider color choices for detailing, accessories such as booties and bonnets, and the style you believe will make for the most striking pictures. The photographs will be memories you pass on to your child once they grow up; therefore, it is imperative only to choose high-quality fabrics such as pure cotton and silk, which are guaranteed to look much more elegant and refined on pictures.

baby boy and girl christening gown

(a baby boy baptism gown on the left, a girls lace christening dress on right)

What Color Should You Not Wear to a Baptism?

Maybe you are curious if there is a color that a baby should not wear to a baptism? The baby should wear light colors to his baptism to symbolize the innocence and purity celebrated in the ceremony. Pastel touches or pastel outfits work well but avoid black and dark colors. 

You cannot go wrong with a traditional white christening gown for boys or a traditional white christening gown for baby girls too. These classic gowns are perfect if you want a traditional baptism gown for your boy. But why not explore the many new options for baptism outfits for boys and other colors besides white like pastels and off whites and creams?

(Our Harrison Sweater Suit in a luxuriously soft baby blue knit)

What Does a 2 Year Old Wear to their Baptism?

Perhaps you have postponed a baptism for a while and your child is now a bit older. A boys christening 3-piece suit is great outfit for your 2-year-old to wear to their baptism. It looks like a traditional suit, but in miniature size. It's absolutely practical in the ceremony and handsome in the photos. Shop our boys collection in 2-3T

For 2 year old girls, our Lola Lace Christening Dress is the perfect option for a toddlers baptism. The length of the lace dress allows is short enough to allow your little girl to move and run, but it's still long enough to look classy and timeless! 

What Do Toddlers Wear for Baptism?

Toddlers can wear suits for baptism or rompers or rompers with convertible skirts (the best of both worlds).  

What Do Catholic Babies Wear To Baptism?

The clothing your infant will wear for their baptism ceremony will depend on the type of ceremony it is. Generally, immersion baptism (which involves the baby’s body being placed in water or water being poured on their forehead), it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a normal, smart outfit. To give a fresh twist to the traditional gown, you can opt for a modern, preppy-style baptism outfit (a little cream-colored suit). To remain closer to Catholicism's cultural roots, you may want to choose the standard boys christening gown, which looks like a simple white nightgown. This gown is long, reaching past the infant’s feet, but the twist is removable. After the ceremony, the skirt detaches and your boy can play in a classy romper. This is the perfect mixture of traditional and modern. 

boys convertible christening gown

(The Owen Boys Christening Gown includes an interchangeable Jumpsuit & Skirt Set. A great option for a  Convertible Christening Gowns for Boys)

Are Christening Gowns Unisex?

Catholic baptism dresses are not unisex however, they are similar in style. Modern boy's christening outfits or are tailored with a neutral, simple cut which slightly differs from the more elaborate and whimsical design of baby girl christening gowns. The difference between the various christening outfits for boys will be most visible around the collar, which is likely to be furnished with lace or other embellishments. The collar of baby boys' christening outfits is also cut higher and is more simple than the more  baby girl gowns do.

victoria puff sleeve christening

(Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Gown)

Why Do Boys Wear Christening Gowns?

Because of tradition! In the past all boys and girls wore long christening tunics for baptism and many of these garments were passed down from generation to generation (just look at the royal family!). These gowns could be used interchangeably between both sexes. Today, many families choose to christen their boy in a christening gown to carry on family tradition or adhere to church guidelines. Other families opt for rompers or boys 3-piece suits for a more modern and classic flair. It really does come down to personal preference, church and community practice. There's no set rule! And if in doubt, ask your church! Christening clothes today carry the torch of a powerful tradition.

The christening ceremony is one of the few events that allow an entire family to celebrate a newborn baby's admission into the faith and culture that has improved their lives, often through generations. While the adherence to codes such as the “all-white” gown isn't compulsory, there is beauty in recreating the christening looks for yourself, your parents and their parents before that bore for their special day. A modern boy's christening outfit need not be boring; however, there is sophistication and flair in the simplicity of tradition.

Harrison newborn layette gown

(Our Harrison Newborn Layette Gown can be used for christening)


Do Babies Have to Wear White for Baptism?

In the past, christening gowns for boys and baby girls were always white. But fashion and protocol rules have changed.  Babies no longer have to wear white for baptism and christening ceremonies. However, light colors such as white with blue details or light blue or off-white are the best choices for designer baby boy christening outfits. 

(Our Asher Baptism Suit comes in several different shades and pastels)

What Do You Wear to a Baptism as a Guest?

Once you have the baby taken care of, you need to decide what should you wear to attend the baptism. Think classic, comfortable, modest, pretty, and joyful for your outfit. Avoid jeans, ill-fitting clothes or prints that distract from the ceremony and gorgeousness of you baby. Keep these in mind and you will feel and look great.

baptism dress code etiquette for women

(@jackie_welling and her mom dressed appropriately for baby Isla's big day in her Poppy Dress)

Baby Boy Catholic Baptism Outfit

Modern Boy Christening Outfit 

Consider choosing a modern baby boy christening outfit for the big day. There are so many adorable and different choices to explore beyond the traditional beautiful baby gowns. As amazing as traditional gowns are, there is nothing cuter than a baby boy in a little suit. Baby Beau and Belle offer dashing designer baby boy christening outfits perfect for a Catholic baptism ceremony.  

Our Harrison 3-Piece Suit is one of our most popular boys baptism suits.

Our range of christening gowns for girls or christening outfits for boys has all the appeals of modern design while remaining consistent with the customs you know and love. 

Catholic Baptism Outfit Rules

  1. Pick a modest outfit. Baptism is a sacred sacrament and you should dress accordingly. Avoid low-cut blouses or short skirts, this is a religious function after all and you don't want to upstage the baby.
  2. Dress up. Again, this is an important event so put on your more formal clothing. A suit is a great choice for men with or without a tie. For women, a nice dress or blouse and skirt or dressy pants.
  3. Comfort is important so that you can have a good time but leave the jeans, sweat pants, and leggings at home. Unless you love high heels, ditch them too, you want to be enjoying the ceremony and thinking about the baby rather than your sore feet. 
  4. Think about the photos. You'll want to look your best and add to the photos of this special event. Pick an outfit that will coordinate with the baby and parents. 
  5. Dress joyously. This is a celebration of life and love so choose an outfit that makes you and everyone else smile. Light and happy clothing is a good way to go rather than dark and somber. Remember to you are there to celebrate and have fun.

Christening Family Photo

(thank you to Martina for this gorgeous photo of your family with your daughter in her Penelope Christening Gown). 


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