Christening outfits for boys have a rich history dating back centuries. For most this time, catholic baptism dresses were heirlooms passed on by godmothers to their godchildren. However, with time, the tradition has shifted to allow parents to choose their baby boy baptism outfit, and request design adjustments to suit their vision. This allows parents to express their creativity when planning the baptism and make their little one feel special with a unique outfit on-key with current trends.

When it comes to choosing a modern boy's christening outfit, you'll want to consider color choices for detailing, accessories such as booties and bonnets, and the style you believe will make for the most striking pictures. The photographs will be memories you pass on to your child once they grow up; therefore, it is imperative only to choose high-quality fabrics such as pure cotton and silk, which are guaranteed to look much more elegant and refined on pictures.

newborn christening

(a baby boy baptism outfit on the left, a newborn girls christening gown on right)

What Do Catholic Babies Wear To Baptism?

The clothing your infant will wear for their baptism ceremony will depend on the type of ceremony it is. Generally, immersion baptism (which involves the baby’s body being placed in water or water being poured on their forehead), it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a normal, smart outfit. To give a fresh twist to the traditional gown, you can opt for a modern, preppy-style baptism outfit (a little cream-colored suit). To remain closer to Catholicism's cultural roots, you may want to choose the standard boys christening gown, which looks like a simple white nightgown. This gown is long, reaching past the infant’s feet, but removable to reveal the romper underneath. This is the perfect mixture of traditional and modern. 

boys convertible christening gown

(The Owen Boys Christening Gown includes an interchangeable Jumpsuit & Skirt Set)

Are Christening Gowns Unisex?

Catholic baptism dresses are not unisex however, they are similar in style. Modern boy's christening outfits or are tailored with a neutral, simple cut which slightly differs from the more elaborate and whimsical design of baby girl christening gowns. The difference between the various christening outfits for boys will be most visible around the collar, which is likely to be furnished with lace or other embellishments. The collar of baby boys' christening outfits is also cut higher and is more simple than the more  baby girl gowns do.

victoria puff sleeve christening

(Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Gown)

Why Do Boys Wear Christening Gowns?

Christening gowns carry the torch of a powerful tradition. The christening ceremony is one of the few events that allow an entire family to celebrate a newborn baby's admission into the faith and culture that has improved their lives, often through generations. While the adherence to codes such as the “all-white” gown isn't compulsory, there is beauty in recreating the christening looks for yourself, your parents and their parents before that bore for their special day. A modern boy's christening outfit need not be boring; however, there is sophistication and flair in the simplicity of tradition. Our range of christening gowns for girls or christening outfits for boys has all the appeals of modern design while remaining consistent with the customs you know and love.

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