Lola Christening Dress

Lola Christening Dress

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Toddler girl christening lace dress

Grace Christening Dress

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Elizabeth Christening Dress

Elizabeth Christening Dress

From $275.00

A young child with curly hair wearing an Ella Romper Dress and an Ella Flower Headband sits on a chair. The background and surroundings are bright and neutral-colored.

Ella Romper Dress

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Smiling baby girl in silk and lace baptism dress, lace headband and suede shoes. Sitting on mom's lap.

Penelope Lace Christening Dress

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A baby wearing the Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Dress and the Victoria Silk Bow Headband stands next to a beige chair. She is being held by the hand of someone out of the frame.

Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Dress

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Baby wearing christening romper dress with scalloped edge cotton lace

Lily Christening Romper Dress


A baby wearing a Poppy Blessing Dress & Bonnet, headband, and white socks sits on an adult's lap. The adult, dressed in a pink outfit, is holding the baby and partially visible in the image. They are positioned indoors against a light background.

Poppy Blessing Dress & Bonnet

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Juliette Romper Dress

Juliette Romper Dress


Eliza Blessing Dress & Headband

Eliza Blessing Dress & Headband


Olivia Dress

Olivia Dress


A baby wearing the Rose Romper Dress and matching Rose Bow Headband and Booties lies in an oval, wicker bassinet lined with a beige cushion. The baby looks upward with a curious gaze.

Rose Romper Dress


Adeline Lace Christening Dress & Bloomers

Adeline Lace Christening Dress & Bloomers

From $175.00

Melissa Christening Romper Dress

Melissa Christening Romper Dress

From $175.00

Adeline Newborn Lace Christening Dress & Bloomers

Adeline Newborn Lace Christening Dress & Bloomers

From $175.00

Baby girl wearing the powder blue dress Emily Dress, Bloomers, Sash Tie and Emily Velvet Bow Headband. The dress features embroidered cotton eyelet lace with a scalloped edge, lace trim and soft lace cap sleeves.

Emily Dress & Bloomers

From $143.00

Christening Dresses

In all of life’s most significant milestones, few events hold as much traditional and symbolic importance as a christening and girls christening dresses are a cornerstone of this sacred event. 

Steeped in centuries of tradition and culture, it represents her initiation into Christianity and a sense of connection to past generations. Your baby girl will cherish this keepsake and, of course, look stunning in photos. Shopping for a christening dress is a memorable and exciting experience!

The most important factors when choosing a christening dress are quality, softness and ensuring the right fit for all-day comfort. Our collection of christening dresses are soft and made with delicate fabrics like cotton, linen, and lace that are gentle on baby's skin.


What should I dress my baby in for a christening?

You’ll have to make a choice whether you want to go with a christening gown or christening dress!  Christening dresses are becoming a popular choice for those that want a more contemporary style. These dresses are similar to gowns but cut shorter and feature the same heirloom style of their longer counterparts. Intricate embroidery, stunning lace details, and oh-so soft silk are all still hallmarks of these designs. Be sure to keep in mind the weather of your event. On warmer days in spring and summer, a light christening dress can be a great option. For those looking for a more traditional option, a longer gown might be more appropriate. 

girls christening dress

What do babies wear when getting baptized?

Babies may wear gowns, christening dresses, suits, or rompers. There’s also some leeway when it comes to color choices. White is no longer a strict requirement. Modern baptismal outfits feature pastel colors such as light blues, pink, grey or creams. For boys, cute christening suits and rompers with handsome accessories like newsboy caps are popular. 

All of this this of course, depends on church traditions and the personal preference of the parent or godparent. Today, there’s much more freedom to express one’s personal style in baptism attire. Accessories such as flower wreaths, bonnets and leather shoes can elevate an outfit to swoon-worthy perfection.

Why do babies wear white when baptized?

The color white is the preferred standard for baptism since it symbolizes purity and innocence. It also represents the goodness and cleansing of Jesus Christ, which your baby receives during baptism. Traditionally, Christians express their gratitude for the purification of baptism by wearing their finest attire. 

If you seek to maintain the traditions passed down from generation to generation, white is the way to go. It’s worth noting that wearing white during baptism is not compulsory. Creams are great variations of white. You can also imbue a touch of color with light blues, pinks, and peach. The final choice is left to your and your church.  

white lace baptism dress

Why do babies wear dresses at Christenings?

The christening dresses or gowns that babies wear at christenings have a rich heritage and symbolize tradition and family. The dresses have been inspired by timeless style and reflect the baby’s entrance into the family’s Christian faith. They also symbolize the purity and sanctity of the special ceremony. Therefore it's important to wear outfits that truly express the specialness of the day. Historically, both boys and girls wore dresses, but there are more options to choose from today.


What is a christening gown called?

If you are keen on tradition, you can simply call the timeless garment a traditional christening gown, baptism gown or robe. Alternative christening attire include  christening dresses and christening suits, depending on the style and design.

silk christening dress

What is a christening gown used for in baptism?

How a christening gown is used for the baptism ceremony will depend on the traditions of the Christian denomination. In a typical ceremony, the godparents dress the child in the christening gown and bring them to the front of the church, where the priest or minister conduct the ceremony. 

The gown covers the child as they are baptized, either by pouring holy water(affusion), sprinkling holy water(aspersion), or by full immersion in the baptism font. The baby is then wrapped in a white blanket. 

Following the ceremony, the christening gown is often kept as a memento. In some denominations, the child is given a cross he or she is meant to wear for the rest of their life.

What does the gown represent in baptism?

In baptism, the gown signifies purity, freshness, and simplicity. It’s meant to represent the gown worn by Jesus Christ as he ascended into heaven after his death and resurrection. 

The gown or dress is typically white and made from flowy fabric, evoking the young one’s innocence. The baptism gown also has deep cultural significance. It’s seen as a representation of family heritage, religious faith, and community values.

Can a baby boy wear a christening gown?

Your baby boy can definitely wear a christening gown. The choice comes down to your family’s tradition and personal style. It’s becoming more common for parents to dress their boys in a christening 3-piece suit. However, traditional christening gowns for boys are classic, easy to wear, and look so beautiful in pictures. A convertible Christening Gown includes a detachable skirt so one can remove it easily after the ceremony and continue with a handsome cotton romper. Other options for boys include silk rompers or layettes.

christening dress length

Baptism Dresses

Are Baptism dresses supposed to be long?

A baptism dress should be long enough to cover the knees and depending on the age and height of the child, the shortest choice may end up above the ankles. Variations are acceptable as long as the baptism dress is decent, ceremonial, and fit for the occasion. For those looking for a longer dress that flows to the ground, a gown might be more suitable. Overall, the length of the baptism dress should be appropriate for the child’s size. While the essence of baptism dresses remains rooted in culture and tradition, there are many ways to express your own  style and preference.

Baptism Dress Code

Is there a dress code for baptism?

If there’s a word that defines how you should dress for a baptism, it’s modesty. The baptism dress code for godparents mainly depends on church traditions. Different denominations have different dressing etiquettes. Unlike weddings and other formal occasions, baptism does not have a strict unspoken dress code. You'll want to look your best for this milestone event. 

Generally, family, friends and godparents are expected to wear modest semi-formal attire. This means avoiding revealing clothes that show plunging necklines, legs above the knee, and bare backs or shoulders. One should also avoid very tight clothing as well as flashy outfits with shouting colors. Well-fitting plain clothes in subtle colors and fabrics are recommendable. 

Baptism dress code for parents

As parents, you should aim to look your best while avoiding clothes with colors, designs, and fabrics that draw attention to yourselves. This includes short revealing clothes, overly casual outfits, distracting prints and color choices, and inappropriate shoes. 

Baptism dress code for the family

This is less strict than that of the godparents and parents, but you still need to respect the occasion. Semi-formal or smart casual are recommended looks for family members. You should avoid anything you normally wouldn’t wear while attending a church service. This means avoiding dresses/skirts, low-cut tops, clingy clothing, shorts, tank tops, and, worse of all, flip-flops!   

Catholic Baptism Dresses

In the Roman Catholic Church, if you are born into the faith, you are baptized as an infant in a baptismal gown. Catholic baptism gowns are long white cotton, silk or linen garments specially designed for the ceremony. The gowns are only worn during the event.

Baptism gowns for Catholic usually comes with matching bonnets and white blankets. For many catholic families, the gown becomes a valuable heirloom and can be used generation after generation.

The Catholic Church also allows Catholic baptism dresses for baby girl if the parents wish so. They are typically long for infants, reaching to about the feet, give or take. They’re made of fine white cotton, silk or linen. The dresses may be trimmed with embroidery, lace, and other handwork. They have a practical purpose since crawling is difficult in a longer dress.

The catholic baptism gown for boy is similar to that worn by girls. They’re unisex garments. While it is typically white, Catholic parents are free to add a touch of color like blue, off-white, cream, and grey.

Unique Christening Dresses 

Overall, the christening of your child is a monumental occasion in their lives. It’s also a great family celebration as everyone gets together to commemorate the little angel’s entrance into your faith. 

Christening and baptism outfits have transcended time and play a vital role in family traditions. Whether you’ve embraced modern trends or your choices are steeped in tradition, your baby’s christening dress will be a cherished memento.