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Christening gowns are part of a tradition that have spanned centuries. The christening gown as we know them are a symbol of purity and an evocation of Christ’s sacrifice. Christening gowns are meant to be traditional and tasteful to capture the young one’s innocence being welcomed into the faith. Often, this means longer gowns, either past the ankle or around the ankle. However, the traditional christening gown has been given many modern twists, from lace embroideries to shorter lengths. Either way, you're bound to find an array of options to select your ideal christening gowns for boys or baby girl christening gown. You only need to be certain of one thing: it’s beautiful and of innocent color and is made from high-quality materials such as silk or pure cotton. 

how long should a christening gown be?

(Our Victoria short Christening Dress on the left. The Penelope full-length Christening Gown on the right.)

How Long Should a Christening Gown Be?

Christening Gowns do not have to be long. Standard christening gowns for boys and christening gowns for girls are usually 26 to 38 inches long and can go up to 40 inches (100cm). Depending on your baby's age and height, the shortest option may end just above the ankles, providing an adorable peek into christening booties for which you can find here. The longer lengths are meant to signify a greater adherence to tradition, for instance, our Penelope Christening Gown is our most luxurious heirloom gown that is 40 inches long and made of gorgeous silks and lace. 

penelope christening gown

(The exquisite Penelope Christening Gown)

boys christening

(A Boys Christening Gown on the left and a Modern Boys Christening Suit on the right.)

What Does the Christening Gown Symbolize? 

Christening gowns for boys signify simplicity and purity. They are made to mimic the gown worn by Christ as he made his ascent. They are usually white, made from flowy cotton or silk, evoking angels in heaven, and the infant's innocence wearing the gown. Whilst wearing the gown, one offers themselves to their new faith, in all simplicity, with a beautiful and neutral garment covering of themselves as God made them. With time, baby christenings have become a celebration for the entire family. The style has evolved to welcome more creativity, and endearing touches such as a lace headband or pearl accents. Both our christening gowns for boys and girls christening gowns fulfill traditional themes with a contemporary touch. Our collection offers a tasteful option for all preferences by combining the sophistication of more modern designs and the elegance of classic styles.

ingrid christening gown

(The Ingrid Christening Gown is pictured)

Variations Are Acceptable

The christening gown standard is a tradition, not a requirement. Therefore, it is okay for parents to have fun with their ideas, and provide their little ones with fun accessories to brighten up the pictures. Bonnets are fantastic options because they help to keep the baby's head warm throughout the ceremony. You can also opt for more gorgeous accessories, such as girls baby booties or headbands.

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  • Marjory J.

    Our parish does baptisms on Easter sunday mass.We baptized our 15 year old daughter last Easter sunday mass and her and all of the other girls baptized with her all wore the white,ankle length baptism gown and matching bonnet with lace anklets and white maryjane type shoes.Under their gowns they wore the traditional white cloth baptism diaper with white rubberpants over it and an under shirt as their top.I got adult size rubberpants for the daughter to wear over her diaper.

  • Julie H.

    To Clarice A.-All of the girls baptized last night at Easter vigil were dressed in the white short sleeve ,knee length dresses and bonnets with the lace anklets and white maryjane shoe shoes.They all had the white cloth baptismal diaper and plastic pants on under their dresses.Most of them being baptized were either tweens or teens and they all looked very pure for their baptisms.

  • Christening Gowns

    Thank you Clarice A. for sharing!

  • clarice a.

    We are catholic and it is a tradition for the preteen and teen girls being baptized at Easter vigil to wear a poofy,knee length,short sleeve baptism dress and matching bonnet with lace socks or tights and white mary jane shoes.Acloth diaper and plastic pants is worn under their dresses to further represent their purity of and infant for their baptism.

  • Libby E Berman

    This is practically a wedding gown!