A young child with curly hair wearing an Ella Romper Dress and an Ella Flower Headband sits on a chair. The background and surroundings are bright and neutral-colored.

Ella Romper Dress

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A baby is looking to the side while wearing an Ella Lace Bonnet with silk ribbon ties. The Ella Lace Bonnet features floral embroidered netting lace. The baby is dressed in a white outfit with a similar lace design, blending seamlessly with the bonnet.

Ella Lace Bonnet


Close-up of a baby's feet wearing white lace-trimmed booties with delicate floral embroidery. The soft, green surface cradles the baby as they rest in their Ella Booties.

Ella Booties


A toddler with curly hair is wearing an Ella Bow Headband on their head. They are dressed in a white outfit and looking down. Part of an adult's face is partially visible to the left. The background is plain and white.

Ella Bow Headband


A woman in a green dress holds a baby dressed in an Ella Christening Gown, an exquisite vintage heirloom style piece adorned with embroidered netting lace. The background is minimalistic with soft lighting and white curtains.

Ella Christening Gown


A person in a green garment holds or wears a white cloth with lace trim along the edges. The name "Lila" is embroidered into the 100% cotton fabric, showcasing exquisite personalized embroidery. The background is blurred, putting focus on the Ella Personalized Blanket's details and delicate craftsmanship.

Ella Personalized Blanket

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A baby with curly hair is wearing a white dress and an Ella Flower Headband adorned with white flowers and greenery while being held by an adult. The baby is looking down, and only part of the adult holding the baby is visible.

Ella Flower Headband


Plush baby rabbit doll wearing a small baptism dress

Ella Silly Bunny Buddy


baby girl using a bibs pacifier in sage

Ella Pacifier Set | Sage & Ivory


Four items in the accessory bundle: ella lace baptism bonnet, receiving blanket, christening bib and booties

Ella Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

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A baby with curly black hair, wearing a white baptism outfit and an Ella Bib with lace trim, is looking down. The background is plain and light-colored.

Ella Bib


A toddler with curly hair wears a white knit bonnet and a matching Ella Christening Knit Sweater. The child looks slightly to the side with a neutral expression. An adult hand is partially visible, holding the child's hand. The background is plain and white, capturing a serene Christening Day moment.

Ella Christening Knit Sweater

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A toddler with curly hair is wearing a white, Ella Christening Knit Bonnet and a matching white lace outfit with an ivory silk ribbon. The child is looking to the side, and the background is softly lit. The toddler is holding onto an adult's finger.

Ella Christening Knit Bonnet


Closeup of the Ella petite flower headband

Ella Petite Flower Headband


baby girl with mom wearing the ella baby girl layette

Ella Layette