Harrison Christening Romper

Harrison Christening Romper

From $89.00

Owen Linen Christening Jumpsuit - Boys Christening Jumpsuit

Owen Linen Christening Romper

From $120.00

Oliver Bubble Romper

Oliver Bubble Romper

From $98.00

Elijah Newborn Jumpsuit | Quilted Cotton - Boys Christening Jumpsuit

Elijah Newborn Romper | Quilted Cotton


Liam Quilted Newborn Jumpsuit - Boys Jumpsuit

Liam Quilted Newborn Romper


Boys Christening Rompers

Our special collection of Boys Christening Rompers feature some of our most popular Christening Outfits for boys. Hand crafted in a variety of materials, including premium cottons and fine linens. Each material is selected by our designer to ensure it meets our standards for comfort and quality. Thoughtful details, such as beautiful laces, silk ribbons and linen trims, make each jumpsuit unique.

Designed in an assortment of styles that embrace contemporary styles with a subtle influence from vintage designs that we love. Our new Henry and Oliver Christening Jumpsuits are made with a soft linen and cotton blend, an elegant material that is soft and works well for all seasons. Pair the matching linen skirt with the Henry and Oliver to create an unique Baptism Gown! The Harrison Jumpsuit is another favorite! Made with a soft cotton blend and features a lovely french lace and blue trim. Pair the matching Harrison Sweater for the complete look. 

Each jumpsuit is part of a larger collection that includes all of the matching accessories to make his Boys Baptism Outfit complete. Pair the Cap and Booties to make his outfit perfectly matching from head to toe! Soft cotton Christening Blankets, Bibs and Sweaters are perfect to have on hand to keep your baby boy warm and comfortable. Accessories are such a wonderful way to tailor the look to suit your little boy's personality and style!