Eliza Blessing Gown & Bonnet

Eliza Blessing Gown & Bonnet


Eliza Blessing Dress & Headband

Eliza Blessing Dress & Headband


Baby girl wearing the Tessa Quilt Newborn Gown accompanied by her mother. The newborn gown is made with soft pima cotton in white and features a plush white quilt bodice with an ivory Venice lace accent along the neck and cuffs.

Tessa Quilt Newborn Gown


Baby girl wearing the Tessa Quilt Romper, with her mother by her side. The romper is made from a white quilted cotton and features ivory Venice Lace along the neck and sleeves and pink champagne silk trim at the cuffs, waist and neck.

Tessa Quilt Romper | Quilted Cotton


A baby lies in a woven basket on a white blanket. She is wearing the Rose Layette & Bonnet. The baby's right arm is slightly raised, and their eyes are open, looking directly at the camera.

Rose Layette & Bonnet


Baby girl wearing an Ingrid cotton blessing gown in ivory and sitting on mother's lap

Ingrid Tiered Gown & Bonnet


A baby with dark hair lies on their back in a wicker bassinet. The baby is wearing a white, long-sleeved, textured Madeline Quilted Newborn Romper with lace detailing across the chest. The bassinet has a quilted cotton beige mattress, all thoughtfully handmade in the USA. The baby looks up with a neutral expression.

Madeline Quilted Newborn Romper


Hailey newborn gown on baby with mom

Hailey Layette Gown


Victoria Layette Gown

Victoria Layette Gown


Chloe newborn layette and headband on baby

Chloe Layette Gown


Baby sitting in Natalie gown, bodice lace detail

Natalie Layette & Headband


An infant wearing the Jessica Newborn Gown & Bonnet with delicate floral appliqués sits on the lap of an adult in a pink dress. The adult's arms are around the child, and they are seated on a light-colored surface. The setting appears soft and serene.

Jessica Newborn Gown & Bonnet

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Adeline Newborn Lace Christening Dress & Bloomers

Adeline Newborn Lace Christening Dress & Bloomers

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A white box contains a folded pink dress with rose patterned lace overlay, a white plush rabbit toy with a stitched face, and a pima cotton quilted blanket tied with a ribbon labeled "Rose Newborn Gift Set - Save 10%." The items are neatly arranged on a quilted beige surface.

Rose Newborn Gift Set - Save 10%

From $179.00

A woman with medium-length wavy hair is holding a baby dressed in a Madeline Newborn Gown adorned with ivory lace. The baby, in their pima cotton outfit and white headband, is sucking on their thumb while the woman smiles and looks down at the child. Both are dressed in light-colored clothing.

Madeline Newborn Gown


Juliette Layette

Juliette Layette


Girls Newborn Christening

Our Girls Newborn Christening Gowns are the perfect way to help celebrate your newest addition! Designed with the softest and highest quality materials to ensure your newborn baby is dressed in the best. Each material is hand selected by our designer to ensure it meets our high standards for comfort and quality. Each Newborn Outfit is accentuated with our delicate and beautiful laces, silk ribbons and flower appliques, making her outfit quite unique.

Each newborn outfit is part of a larger collection that includes all of the matching accessories to make her Newborn Christening Outfit complete. Pair the matching cotton bonnet and newborn booties for the perfect head to toe look. Keep her look simple and sweet with one of our gorgeous lace headbands. Soft Newborn Receiving Blankets, Bibs and Sweaters are perfect to have on hand to keep your baby girl warm and comfortable. Accessories are such a wonderful way to tailor the look to suit your little girl's personality & style and complete her Heirloom Christening Set!