Grace Lace Christening Bib

Grace Lace Christening Bib


Penelope Bib - Girls Bib

Penelope Bib


Lola Lace Bib - Girls Bib

Lola Lace Bib


Gwen Christening Bib - Girls Bib

Gwen Christening Bib

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Clementine Bib - Girls Bib

Clementine Bib

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Adeline Bib

Adeline Bib


Chloe Bib - Girls Bib

Chloe Bib


Jessica Silk Christening Bib -

Jessica Silk Christening Bib


Girls Christening Bibs

At Baby Beau & Belle, we believe her Christening Bib should not only be functional, it should be as beautifully detailed as her Christening Outfit! Each of our bibs are lined with premium pima cotton, known for its super soft texture and heirloom quality. The front of the bib features the same materials found on her outfit, such as textured cottons, laces and fine silks. Handcrafted in unique shapes that are beautiful and also provide enough coverage to protect her Christening Gown.

Finished with stunning floral and scallop laces, silk ribbons, floral appliques, hand-made flower accents and added pearl beading - no detail is overlooked. Each bib ties in back with an elegant silk ribbons or on the shoulder with a shell button closure. Having a girls bib on hand to protect her outfit is the first step in preserving a special outfit she can share for future generations.