Baby boy sitting on chair and wearing the Oliver Romper, a bubble romper made from linen featuring a collar and bodice with buttons and Venice lace detail.

Oliver Bubble Romper

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A woman with long hair in a brown dress sits on a white couch, holding a baby in an Oliver Convertible Gown | Romper & Skirt Set. They are both facing the camera near a bright window with white curtains.

Oliver Convertible Gown | Romper & Skirt Set

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A baby with light hair and blue eyes is wearing an Oliver Linen Cap and a matching white outfit. The baby, posing against a textured brown fabric backdrop, looks directly at the camera. The charming ensemble, adorned with delicate Venice lace trim, is handmade in the USA.

Oliver Linen Cap


The top detail of the Oliver Booties in ivory worn by a baby boy. The Oliver booties are made with a linen top, soft pima cotton bottom, and features a Venice lace and button detail (with elastic strap across the foot).

Oliver Booties


Two Oliver Personalized Blankets, one in white and the other in ivory, draped over a cream-colored chair with a curved backrest. The blankets are made with cotton fabric and feature intricate lace designs on one of the corners. The two blankets are highlighted by soft, diffused natural light coming through sheer white curtains.

Oliver Personalized Blanket

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A baby wearing a white cap and an Oliver Bib with button closure sits on a woman's lap. The baby has a curious expression and is looking towards the camera. The background is softly lit and out of focus. The woman is partially visible, with only her hair and shoulder showing.

Oliver Bib


A pair of Boys Ivory Two Tone Wingtip Shoes with laces is displayed on a light background. These handmade baby shoes feature a brogue design with perforated detailing and white soles. They are beautifully crafted from leather.

Boys Ivory Two Tone Wingtip Shoes


A baby wearing a white cap and a white shirt stares directly into the camera. The baby has blue eyes and slightly pursed lips. The background is softly blurred, highlighting the baby's face in an adorable Oliver Linen Newsboy Cap, handmade in the USA.

Oliver Linen Newsboy Cap


Baby boy wearing the Boys White Knee Socks made from cotton/nylon and spandex.

Boys White Knee Socks


Four photos showing what is included in the Oliver Accessory Bundle, including the Cap, Booties, Bib & Personalized Blanket (in white or ivory).

Oliver Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

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A close-up of a baby with light-colored hair wearing a white outfit adorned with Venice lace trim. The baby is being gently held by an adult, whose hand is visible. The background remains soft and out of focus, highlighting the intricate details of the handmade Oliver Knit Sweater.

Oliver Knit Sweater


A baby boy in the light ivory Oliver Sweater Shorts Suit sits on a couch, holding a parent's hand. The baby wears the light ivory Oliver Knit Hat and looks directly at the camera with a serious expression.

Oliver Sweater Shorts Suit

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Oliver Knit Cap

Oliver Knit Cap


Ivory lace and silk ribbon bow tie on ivory quilt baby suit jacket with matching lace trim

Oliver Lace Bow Tie & Boutonniere



A classic collection for boys from the studios of Baby Beau & Belle. The Oliver collection is made with a fine linen in light ivory and white, a soft and lightweight material that is perfect for a busy baby boy. Featuring a short bubble romper with a handsome collar detail and matching lace across the bodice for an elegant touch. Transition his romper into a classic Baptismal Gown with the Oliver linen skirt. The convertible skirt easily pulls on and off the romper with ease to create the traditional Christening look for the ceremony. From the Oliver collection, you'll find other matching accessories to complete his look from head to toe. Don't forget the adorable matching booties and soft quilted blanket to complete his heirloom set.