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How Much Money do you give for a Baptism?
Although the terms Christening and Baptism are often used interchangeably in Christianity, they are slightly different. Baptism refers to the ceremony where a child is received into the church, while christening is the naming ceremony. That said, a gracious gift for either is never improper!
Now, if you are like most people, immediately you get that Baptism invitation, several questions start lingering in your mind. Should you give money? Should you give anything at all? What’s the right thing to do?
While there are no specific stone set rules, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you play according to the baptism gift etiquette 'rules.' Cash is the standard baptism gift because the parents or guardians can save it for the child's future. But how much should you give? Well, the answer to that depends on various factors:
The relationship between you and the family
How close are you to the family? Is the child your grandchild, godchild, nephew or niece? If you are very close, it will be better if you give slightly more than other people. Nonetheless, give what you can afford. $50 is an excellent gift for such an occasion, but if you can afford more, go for it.
Your current situation
The person who invited to the ceremony is likely aware of your current financial capabilities. If you are living on a slim budget, they won’t expect an expensive gift. So it’s acceptable to hand out according to your means. If $20 is what you can afford, for now, it will be well received.
Targeted Giving
If you want your gift to be channeled towards the baby's education or savings, you have different options. For instance, you can buy saving bonds. One advantage of such a gift is that it will take some time to mature and the temptation to cash in before it reaches the target will be less intense.
Also, it offers a great way to maximize the amount you give out while still playing by the baptism gift etiquette rules.
Do you want to give something more special? Consider an alternative; make something unique for the baby or shop for a keepsake item such as a treasured heirloom. At Baby Beau & Belle we handcraft our heirloom gowns that can be treasured for years to come. Baptism gifts such as Gowns, unique bracelets, baby chime rattle or a Sterling Silver Dove Charm Necklace can do the magic. Just take your time and shop wisely; you will certainly find an excellent gift.
Final Thought
Getting a baptism invitation is an honor. It means the family values you and your presence. So if ‘baptism gift etiquette’ sounds too official for such an occasion or you are not in a position to offer cash, don't skip the event. There are other gift options available. Jewelry, photo frames, plush toys, and handmade items can go a long way.
Be as it may, a gift is not as important as attending the ceremony and showing support to the child and the parents. Your presence is what is expected, not a gift. So if you are considering not showing up because you don’t have something to offer, think again! 

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  • Baby Beau & Belle

    Hi Yvette! Thanks for your question. We don’t know the etiquette specifically regarding chamorro bapsitm, but in general there’s no set rule for what’s acceptable from great-grandparents regarding baptism gifts. Our input is that an heirloom baby gift is the most meaningful as it’s something the child can keep and remember into their later years. Families cherish this and it’s something to be remembered by. For a monetary gift it’s perfectly acceptable to give according to your means. People spend anywhere from $20-200 on a baptism gift. We hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us via our live chat box in the lower right hand corner with any other questions!

  • Yvette

    Our grandson &his wife just baptised their 2nd son, our 2nd great grandson in 3 years from he&his wife. I wanted to ask what the proper acceptable monetary gift is from the GREAT GRANDPARENTS.our grandson&his wife are very strong in their faith and come from the chamorro culture where baptismal etiquette is observed by everyone. If anyone could advise me it would be very much appreciated! I was thinking monetary combined with an heirloom gift for baby! Thank you!