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Why Do Babies Wear White For Baptism?

Christenings are among Christian traditions that unite the community. However, it is the only one that welcomes a young one into their faith. Therefore, parents have always strived to maintain a degree of tradition when organizing their little one’s special day. Generally, christenings will be performed when the child is still an infant, and a christening gown will be recommended. While this is not a compulsory choice for parents, it allows families to maintain the traditions they have received from their parents and their parents' parents.

For others, who may be new to the faith or to baptism ceremonies, this can be a striking, evocative way to immerse yourself and your loved ones into the religious culture you are joining. Boys christening gowns are usually similar to girls christening gowns, although a more delicate, lace-filled twist will be given to baby girl christening dresses. Neither of these gowns must necessarily be white; however, white, ivory or cream is the preferred standard.

lolal christening gown
(the Lola Christening Gown made of delicate lace is pictured)
owen boys christening


Do Babies Have to Wear White for Christening? 

Christenings were perceived to be a time where pure, innocent souls are given a new purity through baptism. Christians are encouraged to express their gratitude for Jesus's loving sacrifice by wearing a gown reminiscent of the one he died in. The color white represents the purity and goodness of Christ, which is received by your baby during their baptism. Boys' christening gowns, like baby girl christening gowns, will need to be made from fine, delicate fabric such as silk, cotton or lace.

The Roman influence on the Christian Church has created a more sophisticated trend and standard, where the detailing of the baby’s christening gown is also important; when shopping for your baby boys christening gown, you’ll want to look for quality hem work and symmetrical embroideries.

girls christening dresses

(on the left: the Poppy Lace Christening Dress, an example of a shorter christening dress. on the right: the Victoria Silk Christening Gown)

What Color Do You Wear to a Baptism? 

If you're looking for a color other than white for your baby girls christening gown, there's plenty of options to choose from. Creams can be a tasteful variation for white, such as ivory or pearly lace with pastel detailing. You can always add a subtle touch of color with light blues and pinks around the gown’s hem or even collar. Green, yellow and peach are popular, vibrant options, which can also be featured in the gown’s trimmings and embroidery designs. 

Boys christening gowns should usually be white with accents of blue, but the final choice is at the parents' discretion. As long as you stay clear of black which is frequently associated with death and evil in Christianity any other vibrant color is yours for the picking. You only need to make sure the gown features the quality your baby deserves, and your little baby is guaranteed to look their best!

If you've any questions regarding christenings or christening attire, please feel free to reach out. We're always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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