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Christening outfits are some of the most exciting parts of planning a baby's baptism. Traditionally, these outfits needed to mimic the gown Jesus bore as he ascended. However, the modern combination of cultural heritage with sophisticated, timeless designs birthed an exciting new baptism outfit style: the boys baptism outfit.

Modern boys christening suits are particularly endearing because they provide your little angel with their first experience of the flair and elegance of a high-end suit set. Modern baptisms generally do not entail absolute adherence to traditional codes. Instead, parents and families are invited to contribute their little touch be it on a special embroidery design or a vintage accessory from their own baptism to make the ceremony as memorable as you’d desire. However, you will want to follow basic traditions to ensure the baptism respects the culture and religion you hold dear.

modern boy christening suit

(the Elijah Christening Suit on the left, the Harrison Baby Boy Suit on the right)

What Color Do You Wear to a Baptism?

White represents purity; therefore, it is commonly used for all styles of baptism outfits. Modern boy baptism outfits use variations of this color, with soft, rich creams guaranteed to look adorable on your beautiful bundle of joy.

You may choose to venture away from this traditional color; however, you will want to remain on key with light, neutral, and traditional tones. If you’re not ready to go for a fully-colored baby boy outfit, consider incorporating it in the detailing around the collar or hem. Our Harrison Christening Suit used light blue on the hem to add a dash of color. While our Grayson 3-Piece Suit has a beautiful gray jacket.

grays christening suit

(The Grayson 3-Piece Christening Suit is made of plush gray quilted cotton - so soft!)

Who Buys Christening Outfit? 

Historically, the baby’s godmother was expected to supply the christening outfit. The christening outfit would be kept a surprise until the day of the ceremony. However, in a more inclusive effort, modern contexts often see the gown purchased by the baby’s parents, grandparents, or other relatives. The latter are expected to reach out to the parents first, to ensure they do not have a different option planned.

If you’re looking for an endearing baptism gift, you can also consider accessories, such as booties and christening headbands. We also offer a varied selection of baby girl gowns, with adorable accessory collections to make sure your little one is nothing short of stylish on their special day.

boys christening styles

(Two different boys christening styles, a christening suit on the left and a boys christening gown on the right)

Christening Gowns 

Modern boy christening outfits are the top choice for many parents looking to give their angel’s ceremonial wear a cool and current twist. However, it is also important to follow the traditions you hold dear; a classic, elegant, hand-made boys christening gown never goes out of style. Don’t hesitate to get creative with your style and questions; from colored embroideries to decorated hems, we will be happy to ensure your little one's christening outfit matches your vision entirely.

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