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Picture your precious angel at their christening ceremony dressed like a little prince or princess, excited by all the attention and affection they are receiving. It's difficult for most to tell what is missing, but a cute headcover will do wonders to increase their comfort. Baby bonnets are an adorable solution to protect the discomfort your newborn might experience before their hair is fully grown. Generally, parents tend to this by wrapping a blanket or small duvet around their baby, but this might not do for christening pictures. Here's all you should know about christening baby bonnets.

Are Baby Bonnets Safe For Babies To Wear?

Baby bonnets are safe for infants; however, they must be made of breathable, quality cotton to ensure they neither restrict the blood flow nor feel itchy or uncomfortable. Generally, a 100% cotton option is most suitable. Make sure that it features a soft, mildly elastic seam to ensure it doesn't push against your baby's forehead. If you want your baby to welcome the bonnet during the christening ceremony, you may want to try it out on them on an earlier date (couple days will do) to make sure they get accustomed to the sensation.

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What Exactly Are Baby Bonnets For?

Baby bonnets are sweet, delicate accessories you can use to protect your baby's head, and to match their hair with their outfit. Baby bonnets cover the softest parts of your baby's head, leaving most of the face out. Old fashioned baby bonnets are usually bigger and can be adjusted to shelter your baby's eyes from the sun or intense camera flashes. Our line of baby bonnets tend to skew towards a more contemporary style while also keeping a traditional look. They are the perfect way to dress up our christening dresses with an endearing twist on vintage chic.

Should Babies Wear Bonnets For Baptisms?

Historically, baby bonnets are part of a traditional baptism ensemble, mainly because of their practicality. Churches and cathedrals are often cold, and the bonnet can help keep your baby's head warm, which will help to keep them calm. They also absorb the oil that may be placed on your baby's head as part of the sacrament. This prevents the oil from staining your clothes as you hold your angel.

Ella Lace Bonnet

Our Ella Lace Baby Girl Bonnet

What Does A Baby Need To Wear For A Baptism?

Generally, baby christening attire will involve a christening gown, a bonnet, and some christening booties. They are usually white or cream, and made from cotton for boys and cotton, lace or silk for girls. This outfit can be accessorized as you wish, and it isn't uncommon for parents to opt for a laced headband as a cute alternative to the modern baby bonnet twist.

If you've any questions about our line of baby bonnets, please reach out as we're happy to answer any questions! 

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