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Baptisms are special days for the entire family. They are the celebration of a precious little one being welcomed to a faith that has guided their parents through life, and perhaps their parents’ parents before that. The christening ceremony is always one for the picture books; therefore, there are a few reasons you should be dressed to impress. Here are a few do’s and don’ts parents and organizers may want to consider to master the baby christening dress code.

Can You Wear Jeans to a Christening? 

Jeans at baptisms are a definite no. You'll want to skip the denim unless you're having a casual post-christening get together. Consider soft cotton if you're looking for comfort, but make sure your pants are well-tailored. For a fun and endearing way to support your little one on their big day, you can match your baby's christening dress to your baby girl’s, or to your son’s boys baptism outfit. Matching your christening wear as a family is often a popular option, because it helps create the striking, polished pictures you will love for the years to come.

baptism dress code

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Can You Wear Sandals To A Christening?

The shoes you can wear to a christening depend on their design, and how dressed up, flashy or eccentric they appear. Men's sandals are often very “lax” and casual, while women's sandals can have more intricate designs, and offer a dressed-up allure. If you opt for sandals for the ceremony, you will need to make sure your toes are manicured, and that the shoe is made from a suitable, sturdy material such as leather.

baptism dress code

photos courtesy of @josephineacreativelife

Can You Wear Black to a Christening? 

There’s no official rule against black at a christening. Generally, you’ll want to consider the atmosphere of the church you are attending to decide on how “grown-up” the baby christening dress code is. The more formally the guests are expected to be dressed, the blacker may pass. However, even when dressed in black, you'll want to leave space for a hint of color perhaps with a tie or shoes, to lighten the vibe of your look.

Can You Wear Leopard Print To A Christening?

When it comes to christening ceremonies, anything too flashy or attention-grabbing is often considered vulgar. You'll want to leave the gold accents, animal prints, and overly-revealing fabrics for the birthday parties or meetups with friends or colleagues. In a church, you'll need your chosen clothes and accessories to be traditional, elegant, and demure. If you're looking for something bright and “happy” that will not seem in bad taste, consider pastels such as pink, or a modern gray.

 baptism dress code

photos courtesy of @josephineacreativelife,  ft. the Marita Collection

Your baby christening dress code is more relaxed than you might think; however, you'll want to stay away from options too casual or attention-grabbing for the church. For inspiration on matching your angel’s outfit to your own christening wear, consider our range of baby christening gowns or modern boys christening outfits.

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  • Marjory J.

    We are catholic and our parish does baptisms on Easter sunday mass.It is a tradition for the girls,little girls,preteen and teen girls to wear a white,infant style baptism gown and bonnet with lace anklets or tights and white maryjane shoes and under their gown a white undershirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants.They are like babies and show their purityby wearing the outfits for the day.