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Christenings are special days for the entire family. Not only will your child be welcomed into a faith that will guide them through a balanced and loving life, but also the celebration can be enjoyed by everyone you hold dear. 

One major question, we ask in planning for a baptism is: "What should we wear to a christening?" Christening ceremonies will require everyone to look their best. However, there are specific style requirements for the child. These requirements are generally more straightforward with baby girls than with baby boys, but that means we've some fun decisions to make regarding your christening attire. 

Boys Christening Suit

There are generally two options for baby boy suits for baptism. Those looking for a more traditional style, may opt for the boys convertible christening gown which consists of a romper with a convertible skirt that can be removed before and after the ceremony. Parents wanting a more modern look, will choose a baby boy baptism suit.

liam boys baptism suit

"Loved this outfit so much! It was perfect for my sons baptism. The material is soft and top quality! Most importantly, our little guy looked adorable in it!" - Lazar, customer review 

A History of the Boys Baptism Outfit

For the past 300 years, boys have worn christening gowns as a boys baptism outfit. However, before that, they were not compulsory. Babies before the 18th century were baptized in their swaddling clothes, most of which were white.

That tradition was derived from the Bible’s allusion, in Luke 2:7, of Mary having “brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes.” The swaddling clothes symbolized the gentle cloud of love wrapped around him.

However, with time, as the Anglo-Saxon and Judeo-Christian dressing culture became more intricate, similarities between the simplicity and symbolism of the swaddling cloth and the christening gown worn by Jesus as he ascended were observed. The christening gown thus came about as a pertinent evolution to a more evocative outfit.

miles christening suit

In the past 3 decades, the approaches to boys baptism outfits have changed. New stylish options have emerged, making acceptable christening wear for baby boys a smart, traditional outfit in line with communicating themes of humility, warmth and purity.

Boys christening suits have become more fun and enjoyable for parents, providing them with an incentive to make their little sweet pea adorable for the ceremony. Boys 3 piece suits, such as the Harrison Collection or Liam Collection  in particular are great options for the modern parent looking looking to melt their guests’ hearts. These outfits are picture-perfect for all those pictures you'll be snapping at your baby's christening ceremony. 

boys christening gown

(a boys christening gown on the left and a boys baptism suit on the right)

Advantages of Choosing 3 Piece Suit for Your Boys Baptism Outfit

  •  Added Formality

The added formality of a 3 piece suit for your baby boy isn't overbearing. Instead, it’s a playful acknowledgment of the seriousness and significance of the occasion. It’s ideal for parents who regard the christening tradition but have a modern, classic and elegant approach to expressing their faith.

  •  An Adorable Finished Look

The finished look of a baby boy suit is a sight that will melt your heart for the sweetest of reasons. The contrast of this typically adult outfit with the small, chubby limbs of an infant or toddler is simply adorable.

  • A Warmer Option for Colder Environments or Occasions

Some christening ceremony venues make it harder to dress your little man for his christening. In particular, churches can sometimes get cold or in the summer months, the AC can be quite chilly, which can make the child uncomfortable throughout the ceremony unless they're wrapped appropriately in warm and soft garments.

Our baby boy christening suits, however, are warmer by design because of the layers of clothes and the luxuriously soft fabrics we use. This warmth can bring comfort to your baby boy during the ceremony, particularly if he is being baptized in the winter or at a church with AC. We also have matching accessories such as our quilted christening blankets that are styled for the occasion. 

Christening Suits
  •  Pictures Your Child will Grow to Love

Both a baptism gown or a boys 3-piece baptism suit are important heirlooms. The fact that your child will have sweet memories of his family passed down in photographs is another important reason to make sure he looks adorable. He is likely to find the pictures of his ceremony sweet and hear-warming, making him think more fondly of the ceremony and the efforts you put into welcoming him into his faith.

  • Creative Accessory Options

Baby boy 3 piece suits, like all our boys baptism outfits, come with an array of accessorizing options. A popular add on is a newsboy cap or boys christening hats. The shoes can be a little more creative than traditional baptism gowns will allow, with options such as boys christening booties and leather shoes.

Buying Your Boys Baptism Suit from Our Boutique

To invest in our clothing is to purchase a moment and heirloom you'll cherish for life. We put passion into ensuring we have the most exquisitely crafted and elegant designs. 

grayson 3piece suit
(Our Asher Christening Suit made with a gray quilted cotton)

Our Top 3 Boys Christening Suits 

Elijah christening suit

Our 3-piece baby boy baptism outfit suits come in a variety of styles. For a fun design inspired by contemporary fashion, you can opt for our Elijah suit ensemble. This model is complemented by its newsboy cap, which brings a classic and playful touch to the outfit.

Liam christening suit

The Liam 3 piece set features a delicate gold trim. If you’re looking for a boys christening suit that will make your angel look like a little prince, this set is the one for you.

Harrison christening sweater suit

The Harrison Sweater Suit  is another favorite because it features luxuriously soft sweaters with an intricate, delicate design that attests to the quality and craftsmanship our sewers put into each hand-sewn outfit.

We can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the joy of seeing your precious little one look their best at their ceremony.

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