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What Do Babies Wear For Lutheran Baptism? 

The Christian Lutheran faith is one of the most tolerant and accepting of the Christian faiths out there. While Lutherans pay their respects to tradition, they often encourage — as supported by most Lutheran pastors and churches — for their believers to prioritize their comfort and freedom when performing or paying homage to Christian traditions. 

Lutheran baby baptisms are no different; while the classic baptism dress most infants will wear on their special day will be a plain reproduction of the airy, pure design Jesus wore on his Ascension Day, Lutherans will often give a little twist to this tradition.

You will want to consult your church in advance of making any final choices (for instance, with brightly-colored baptism dresses). Still, for anything more subtle, such as a hint of color in the hem or color of the baptism gown like our Victoria Puff Sleeve Baptism dress with its pink champagne silk lining, you are most likely in the clear. 

victoria puff sleeve christening dress

What Do Lutherans Believe About Baptisms? 

Lutherans have a more ‘tolerant’ approach to the baptism ceremony. While they do not teach the necessity of baptisms in believers entering the kingdom of heaven, they strongly encourage the participation of all Lutherans, as a celebration of a new soul entering into a faith, they find to have either saved them or taught them love through Christ.

The Lutheran baptism seeks to mimic Jesus's immersion into the Jordan River at the hands of John the Baptist, in a subtle manner comfortable to your child — using just a fleck of water on their gentle little head.

Lutherans see the baptism ceremony as a holy sacrament; therefore, they support its occurrence in a Lutheran church, under the protective gaze of the Lord, and the guidance of your Lutheran pastor.

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What Happens At A Lutheran Baptism? 

Lutheran baptisms follow the tradition of new believers being welcomed into the Christian faith by purification through contact with water. The pastor makes the sign of the cross across the baby’s forehead to signify a reception and acceptance of God’s love.

It is performed after a sermon, which will encourage all present believers to ponder on their relationship with God and with Jesus Christ, as well as the beauty of their offering: to wash away all prior sins whilst surrounded with those that love you the most. 

lutheran baptism

How Long Does A Lutheran Baptism Take?

The Baptism in itself is a relatively short ceremony (with the process lasting a maximum of 20 minutes); however, it is often performed at the end of a church service.

Therefore, you and your guests are likely to be in attendance for both the sermon and the baptism for about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the scripture your pastor chooses for the day.

Generally, this process is short enough for infants not to get too aggravated or require a feeding mid-ceremony or even a diaper change.

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Our Collection of Baby Girl Baptism Bonnets 

Why Do Babies Wear Bonnets For Baptisms?

Baby bonnets have become part of the traditional baby girl or baby boy baptism outfit because they offer a practical solution to the discomfort some infants may feel, having a bare head in the medal of a large — and often cold — cathedral. Baptisms are often performed while the baby is still an infant.

Therefore their hair may still be somewhat thin as follicles are yet to develop. This can make their scalp more sensitive to the cold air, making your little one more prone to crying mid-ceremony.  

Choosing Your Baby’s Lutheran Baptism Outfit 

Your baby girl or baby boy baptism outfit should remain on the right side of tradition with a flowy, angelic design. However, some of our baby girl collections also incorporate playful but timeless collars, with designs featuring some pearls or even lace.

They can also be personalized to bear your baby's name, like our baby boy collections and their delightfully youthful ensembles. You can never go wrong by remaining on the side of classics; therefore, you will find that our top-quality white fabrics and tasteful designs will stand the test of time on all the adorable pictures you will take!

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