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Baptism etiquette is relatively straightforward. The dress code will require a level of formality, the guest list defines who can attend, and timing should be respected. The gift protocols, however, are a little more delicate. It's always considered a good form to bring a baptism gift; specifically a personalized baptism gift.

It may be a good idea to ask before the event. However, if you wish your gift to be a surprise, you'll want to go for something simple and sentimental that will bring the baby comfort and will feel like an endearing gesture to the parents. Fortunately, various baptism gifts require little research but can be personalized for a unique final touch. 

baptism blanket

(Our Grace Baptism Blanket, personalized with baby's initials)


What to Give for a Baptism Gift?

A memento is the traditional baptism gift. Anything from a cross to artwork or a spiritual book designed for a child's use can be appropriate. Depending on the level of personalization, these traditional tokens of affection can become unique baptism gifts.

For something that will warm both the baby’s little body and the proud parent’s hearts, a blanket is the advised choice. It offers an immediate practical use: keeping the baby snuggled and warm during the sometimes lengthy post-baptism celebration.

Babies, especially at infant stages, also form a bond with possessions they associate with comfort and reassurance. Therefore, they may grow to have a particular fondness for the blanket as they grow older. 

(The Simply Perfect Christening Set)

What Is an Appropriate Gift for a Catholic Baptism?

Catholic baptisms often rely more on the scripture in how and where the ceremony is conducted. Therefore, your gift will have to match the consistency with the familial and religious themes of the ceremony. You'll want to opt for something classic, like a bible or baptism blanket with embroidered initials. The more classic your gift, the more critical it will be to have it personalized. 

(the Elijah Christening Blanket can be personalized.)

Is It Customary to Bring a Gift to a Baptism? 

Baptism gift etiquette is dependent on your relationship with the baby and parents and whether you have already given a gift at the baby shower or after the baby was born. However, all baptism gifts are welcomed as long as they use significance to embrace one's faith or comfort and affection. 

Baptism gift customs date back hundreds of years. Generally, it’s always a good idea to bring a gift if you can afford one, as a token of your support as the child is welcomed into the faith. However, the custom bequests that the gift is given at the reception after the ceremony. 

Who Should Give the Baptism Gift? 

Anybody invited to the baptism ceremony is encouraged to give a gift. However, godparents and grandparents are expected to provide baptism gifts or some type of symbol of their attachment. Baptism gifts from grandparents are often an awaited part of the post-baptism ceremony; therefore, you'll want to bless your grandchild with something the parents and guests will also see for its value. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Baptism Gift? 

There are now established guidelines of what an appropriate baptism budget would be. Typically, you'll be expected to ensure the gift you provide is of quality, can stand the test of time, and that the child can feel comfortable using it. You'll need to avoid uncomfortable fabrics or toys and opt for something elegant and refined, something that will stand the test of time. 

(the Harrison Newborn Gift Set, a classic favorite for many years)

Why Personalization Is Key 

Personalized baptism gifts allow you to communicate how special and cherished you believe the child to be. It provides the little angel with a heritage they'll know to have always been meant directly for them and appreciate the thought that was put into it. Our selection of embroidered baptism blankets is made from the lushest, softest material and can bear the name of any child. They're sure to make for a gift any child will grow to love. 


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