A mother holding her baby dressed in the Rose Christening Gown & Bonnet. The woman, smiling gently, gazes at the baby who appears curious, set against a bright, softly lit backdrop.

Rose Christening Gown & Bonnet


A baby with bright blue eyes, wearing the Rose Lace Bonnet and Rose Christening Gown, looks directly at the camera, embraced by her mother's arms, in a softly lit room.

Rose Lace Bonnet


A baby wearing the Rose Romper Dress and matching Rose Bow Headband and Booties lies in an oval, wicker bassinet lined with a beige cushion. The baby looks upward with a curious gaze.

Rose Romper Dress


A close-up of a baby with a Rose Bow Headband, gazing downward. The baby's profile is softly illuminated by natural light, highlighting the delicate texture of the headband and the baby's features.

Rose Bow Headband


A baby lies in a woven basket on a white blanket. She is wearing the Rose Layette & Bonnet. The baby's right arm is slightly raised, and their eyes are open, looking directly at the camera.

Rose Layette & Bonnet


Rose Lace Headband

Rose Lace Headband


A close-up image of a baby in a white lace dress, holding a Rose Personalized Blanket embroidered with the name "Rose." Only the baby's hands and torso are visible.

Rose Personalized Blanket

From $42.00

Rose Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

Rose Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

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A white box contains a folded pink dress with rose patterned lace overlay, a white plush rabbit toy with a stitched face, and a pima cotton quilted blanket tied with a ribbon labeled "Rose Newborn Gift Set - Save 10%." The items are neatly arranged on a quilted beige surface.

Rose Newborn Gift Set - Save 10%

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A close-up image of a baby's feet adorned with Rose Booties tied with silk bow, against a soft, light background.

Rose Booties


Tiny solid gold cross with tie detail on chain worn by baby

14K Gold Small Cross With Chain


A close-up of an infant wearing a white lace dress and a Rose Velvet Bow Headband, beautifully focusing on the texture of the hair and fabric. The background is softly blurred.

Rose Velvet Bow Headband


Rose Suede Tie Mary Janes

Rose Suede Tie Mary Janes


A baby with wide blue eyes and a white headband sits in a rattan chair, wearing an ivory quilted cotton dress and a Rose Christening Bib, looking directly at the camera with a curious expression.

Rose Christening Bib


A plush shaggy Rose Bunny in a crib.

Rose Bunny