Our special collection of Boys Christening Jumpsuits feature some of our most popular Christening Outfits for boys. Hand crafted in a variety of materials, including premium textured cottons and fine linens. Each material is selected by our designer to ensure it meets our standards for comfort and quality. Thoughtful details, such as beautiful laces, silk ribbons and linen trims, make each jumpsuit unique.

What makes our boys jumpsuits so special?

Designed in an assortment of styles that embrace contemporary styles with an influence from classic designs that we love. Our new Henry and Oliver Christening Jumpsuits are made with a soft linen and cotton blend, an elegant material that is soft and works well for all seasons. Pair the matching linen skirt with the Henry and Oliver to create an unique Baptism Gown! The Harrison Jumpsuit is another favorite! Made with a soft cotton blend and features a lovely french lace and blue trim. Pair the matching Harrison Sweater for the complete look. Each jumpsuit is part of a larger collection that includes all of the matching accessories to make his Boys Baptism Outfit complete. Pair the Cap and Booties to make his outfit perfectly matching from head to toe! Soft cotton Christening Blankets, Bibs and Sweaters are perfect to have on hand to keep your baby boy warm and comfortable. Accessories are such a wonderful way to tailor the look to suit your little boy's personality and style!


Owen Boys Christening Jumpsuit


Made with a soft linen blend in light ivory, the Owen Christening Jumpsuit jumpsuit is a comfortable outfit for your little guy to wear for the most elegant occasion. Featuring silk ribbon detailing in ivory and light blue across the front bodice and sleeves. Add the Owen Linen Skirt to convert this jumpsuit into a Boys Christening Gown. 

Harrison Boys Christening Jumpsuit


Does it get any better then this? Styled in 100% white textured cotton with an ivory venice trim and sky blue french ruched trim, there is no doubt who will be the center of attention! Pair any of our matching Harrison accessories to complete his outfit. The Harrison collection is designed in house and made in the USA.

Henry Boys Christening Jumpsuit


The Henry Romper is crafted with the finest linen and cotton blend in white, a soft and breathable material that is perfect for the little guy wearing it. Featuring a classic collar with elegant details, such as the lovely white lace adorning the front bodice along with two shell buttons. Add the Henry Linen Skirt to convert this romper into Boys Christening Gown. 

Finn Linen Boys Christening Jumpsuit


The Cameron Silk Jumpsuit combines an elegant silk dupioni with a stylish romper for your baby boy's special occasion. Crafted with 100% silk dupioni in a soft shade of antique white, this jumpsuit will fall mid-calf to ankle your baby boy. Short silk sleeves and bodice are detailed with silk ribbon.

Oliver Boys Christening Jumpsuit


A darling bubble romper for boys to make your little guys Christening day complete! Made with the finest linen in light ivory, this romper is a comfortable and lightweight outfit for him to wear for the most elegant occasion.

Peter Boys Christening Jumpsuit


Adorable! Your little one will look his best in this white 100% seersucker cotton jumpsuit. Steel blue linen trim at neck, cuffs, and bodice add a cute touch of color, and the pin striped silk covered buttons set this christening jumpsuit set apart from the rest. Meant to fall mid-calf to ankle length depending on height.

Austin Boys Christening Jumpsuit


The Austin Christening Jumpsuit is beautiful outfit for him to wear for a very special occasion. Crafted with 100% ivory textured cotton, a soft material that will be so comfortable for him to wear throughout the day.


Each of our materials are hand selected by our designer, thoughtfully chosen to ensure the comfort of your child and the heirloom quality of your outfit. With over 30 years of design experience in this industry, we’ve sourced the most beautiful cottons, linens, laces & knits from around the world.

experience the best

Our exclusive collection of Boys Christening Jumpsuits are incredibly special because of the time and care we invest into the construction of each design. From the materials selected to craft each piece, the intricate hand sewn details, to the accessories that truly complete the outfit - no detail is missed. Investing in these special details, we’re able to provide an heirloom outfit for families that will endure the test of time.

Hand Crafted With Love


I cannot even express how happy I am with my purchase! I was able to ask questions, get prompt responses, and feel comfortable that the item would fit my little man. When the outfit arrived, it was wrapped beautifully. Stitching is impeccable. The hat is absolutely precious. It didn't bother him at all, it was soft and non-restrictive. I only wish this company sold these hats in many colors as single-purchase items. I would buy them for all of his dressy outfits. You will not find a better christening outfit, anywhere. My son was doted on all morning when he wore this. Thank you so much!! - Lindsey Patrisso

This little jumpsuit was just what we were looking for. My grandson's parents did not want anything overly formal or over the top for the christening of their son. The softly quilted cotton (rather than something silk or satin) combined with the ribbon detail and the addition of the matching hat and booties to give it just a hint of formality made the Harrison Jumpsuit the perfect option. It was also very comfortable for the baby. We ordered the 12 month size for a 9-month old and it was generous but fit well. I also want to thank Baby Beau & Belle for the super quick turnaround on the order. Because we couldn't agree on anything until the last minute -- and this was after months of online browsing -- we didn't order until a week before the ceremony. But the package arrived two days before the christening and everything was just as it should be! These are not inexpensive items but I think they were all well worth it.

I searched online for weeks looking for the perfect outfit for my little man's special day. When I happened upon this site and suit, I knew it was the one. Although, I thought it was a little pricey, I quickly learned that you get what you pay for, which was: EXCELLENT customer service, exquisite quality, and a breathtakingly adorable baby boy. My order was received and my item shipped the same day. I utilized their chat function and was able to determine the best size for my baby. The quality is unsurpassable. My baby boy stood out among the others who were being baptized that day--everyone was asking where I purchased his jumpsuit. Thank you so much for having a great product and for helping complete our special day. - Laura Nelson




Each piece is sewn to our exact liking to meet our standards for heirloom quality, so you will be able to store his Baptism Jumpsuit with confidence. Intricate hand sewn details and attention to the smallest details help provide outfits that have a tailored fit, similar to what you would get with a bespoke suit.


Designed In House

All of our collections are designed in house. With over 30 years of design experience, Baby Beau & Belle has become known for our distinct styles that combines contemporary styles with classic designs that we love. Each outfit is carefully constructed to ensure your little one has freedom of movement without losing the tailored fit.


Heirloom Quality

Premium materials and superior craftsmanship have allowed us to continue the tradition of making heirloom quality Boys Jumpsuits that families cherish for years.


To help select the best size Christening Jumpsuit for your little one, we’ve provided helpful measurements as a guideline to best estimate size and fit. Using a soft measuring tape, carefully take the measurement of your little one’s chest and height - these will be quite helpful when selecting a jumpsuit size! When in doubt, contact one of our sizing experts for helpful suggestions. These helpful measurements, combined with our years of experience and superior craftsmanship, allow us to provide a Christening Jumpsuit that will have a tailored fit, as if it was made just for him.

When selecting matching accessories to pair with his Christening Jumpsuit, consider what your needs are for the day. If it’s chilly, consider one of our soft knit sweaters to layer over his Christening Jumpsuit that’s the perfect compliment to his outfit. Our soft quilted Heirloom Christening Blankets help keep him warm and cozy as well, and wonderful to have on hand before, during and after the Christening ceremony.