A baby boy dressed in the Harrison Christening Pants Suit, made from quilted cotton and featuring a hat, jacket, and pants, is sitting on a light-colored wicker chair with cushioned bedding. The baby has a serious expression and is looking slightly to the side in a softly lit room.

Harrison Christening Pants Suit | Quilted Cotton

From $169.00

Baby girl sitting in mother's lap in silk and lace baby baptism gown and bonnet

Penelope Christening Gown & Bonnet


Two twin baby boys with their mother. They are wearing the Asher 3-Piece Suit, one in grey and the other in powder blue.

Asher 3-Piece Suit

From $159.00

Baby girl on a couch and wearing the Lola Christening Gown and Bonnet, a baptismal gown made with a cotton undergown in light ivory featuring an all-over lace overlay.

Lola Christening Gown & Bonnet


A woman with long hair in a brown dress sits on a white couch, holding a baby in an Oliver Convertible Gown | Romper & Skirt Set. They are both facing the camera near a bright window with white curtains.

Oliver Convertible Gown | Romper & Skirt Set

From $158.00

A mother holding her baby dressed in the Rose Christening Gown & Bonnet. The woman, smiling gently, gazes at the baby who appears curious, set against a bright, softly lit backdrop.

Rose Christening Gown & Bonnet


Baby boy sitting on his mother's lap. He is wearing the Miles 3-Piece Suit, including the jacket, pants, and onesie

Miles 3-Piece Suit

From $159.00

A young child with curly hair wearing an Ella Romper Dress and an Ella Flower Headband sits on a chair. The background and surroundings are bright and neutral-colored.

Ella Romper Dress

From $175.00

Harrison Christening Shorts Suit | Quilted Cotton

Harrison Christening Shorts Suit | Quilted Cotton

From $169.00