Baby boy wearing the green Theodore 3-Piece Suit, including the jacket, pants, and onesie.

Theodore 3-Piece Suit

From $169.00

A baby wearing a pale green, handmade Theodore Shorts Suit and hat sits in a wicker bassinet. The baby has a serious expression and looks directly at the camera. The bassinet is lined with white fabric and is set in a softly lit room.

Theodore Shorts Suit

From $159.00

A baby with blue eyes is wearing the Theodore Newsboy Cap in light blue, accompanied by a matching outfit made of soft French terry cotton that features a white collar with blue stripes. The baby gazes to the left with a neutral expression against a blurred backdrop of wicker furniture or similar decor.

Theodore Newsboy Cap


Flat lay photo showing the top detail of three pairs of Theodore Booties, including blue, green, and a white/tan color. The booties are made from a 100% French Terry Cotton with a Grosgrain Trim (with button detail) and soft elastic strap.

Theodore Booties


A baby dressed in a light green outfit is seated in a wicker bassinet. The focus is on the Theodore Personalized Blanket—a white blanket with green striped trim—draped over the edge of the bassinet. The background is softly blurred.

Theodore Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

Flat lay photo of three pairs of Theodore Suede Shoes. Made from 100% suede with detailed edging. Available in colors blue, grey, and tan.

Theodore Suede Shoes


The Theodore Bunny Buddy, a white plush bunny with a pastel green bow tie, sits on a white blanket adorned with green trim. Designed with baby safety in mind, the bunny is holding a green pacifier. Placed on a wicker surface, this charming set makes for an ideal christening gift.

Theodore Bunny Buddy | Pacifier Holder


Baby boy wearing the Boys White Knee Socks made from cotton/nylon and spandex.

Boys White Knee Socks


A close-up of a baby wearing the Theodore Bow Tie & Boutonniere suit. The light green suit, handmade in the USA, features white and green striped cotton trim and a matching bow tie. White buttons adorn the front, and there is a small floral boutonnière on the left lapel. The baby's face is partially visible.

Theodore Bow Tie & Boutonniere