A baby wearing a Melissa Christening Gown & Bonnet is sitting on a bed with a light pink quilt and pillows. The baby is looking toward the side, and the room has a soft, pastel color scheme.

Melissa Christening Gown & Bonnet


A woman with shoulder-length brown hair holds a baby dressed in a white lace dress adorned with a silk ribbon bow and the Melissa Headband. The baby, with blue eyes and a neutral expression, is being supported by the woman. The background is softly blurred with pink and white tones.

Melissa Headband


A baby dressed in a handmade Melissa Christening Romper Dress with matching bonnet sits on a bed with light pink bedding and pillows. The baby is looking slightly upward with a calm expression.

Melissa Christening Romper Dress

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A baby wearing a handmade Melissa Sheer Bonnet adorned with floral embroidered netting and a ribbon tie is looking off to the side. The background is softly blurred in a light pink hue. The baby is dressed in a white garment that matches the bonnet.

Melissa Sheer Bonnet


Close-up of a baby's feet wearing Melissa Christening Booties crafted from white Venice lace and pants with lace detailing. The background is a soft blur, putting focus on the intricate patterns and the baby's tiny feet.

Melissa Christening Booties


A baby wearing a lace-trimmed white dress adorned with Venice lace and a large white bow headband sits on a soft pink background. The baby looks directly at the camera with a serious expression, also sporting an elegant Melissa Christening Bib made from handmade quilted cotton.

Melissa Christening Bib


A baby wearing a white lace dress is laying on a quilted textured cotton Melissa Personalized Blanket embroidered with the name "Melissa" in light pink. The baby's left arm and legs are visible. The blanket, handmade in the USA, also has Venice lace trim and a pink ribbon detail.

Melissa Personalized Blanket

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Melissa Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

Melissa Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

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The Blush Suede Tie Mary Janes are a pair of handmade baby shoes crafted from soft blush suede, featuring decorative scalloped edges around the opening and tied with satin ribbons. The shoes have a smooth texture and are designed to resemble classic baby mary janes.

Blush Suede Tie Mary Janes



A classic and timeless gown! An attached soft white pima undergown is comfortable for baby, while the gown has a beautiful dotted swiss/floral border embroidered pattern netting. Extra long pale pink silk ribbons at the bodice add an elegant touch and pearl buttons ensure easy fitment. Pair any of our matching Melissa accessories to complete the look. The Melissa collection is designed in house and made in the USA.