A woman in a stylish Dress Set sits in a gray armchair, holding a baby girl dressed in a black and white outfit after her christening. Both are smiling in a bright, cozy room.

June Jumper Dress Set

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A stylish black lace June Lace Bow Headband with a delicate floral pattern, displayed on a soft, beige textured surface. The headband features thin, elastic straps and center ruching detail.

June Lace Bow Headband


A pair of stylish black lace June Booties with ribbon ties, placed on a soft white furry surface.

June Booties


A close-up of a June Bib, displayed on a neutral-toned chair.

June Bib


A close-up of a smiling baby with bright blue eyes, wearing a stylish June Bow Headband. The baby has rosy cheeks and is dressed in a white outfit.

June Bow Headband


Stylish white June Personalized Blanket with lace trim and the name "June" embroidered in black cursive script, positioned on a soft beige surface.

June Personalized Blanket

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Four-image collage featuring stylish baby items: top left shows a black lace bow headband, top right is a white bib embroidered with "June," bottom left displays a white bib with lace trim, and Black Baby Booties

June Accessory Bundle - Save 15%

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A June Silly Bunny Buddy with a stylish black polka-dotted bow on its head, sitting on a beige chair. The bunny holds a yellow and black pacifier in one hand.

June Silly Bunny Buddy | Pacifier Holder


Two stylish bibs brand June Pacifier Set | Black & White, displayed side by side on a textured beige cloth surface, accompanied by a white fluffy material at the top left corner.

June Pacifier Set | Black & White


A baby girl, stylishly dressed in a black and white dress with a pearl necklace and a polka dot headband, sits on a fluffy white rug after her christening, gazing to her June Suede Tie Mary Janes.

June Suede Tie Mary Janes


A close-up of a seated baby girl wearing stylish ribbed tights with ribbon ties at the ankles, pink pointed shoes.

Ribbed Tights