Harrison Long Sleeve Christening Romper

Harrison Long Sleeve Christening Romper

From $89.00

Close-up of a baby's legs and feet, wearing white quilted pants and light blue Harrison Christening Booties with lace details and a small button on each. The baby appears to be sitting on a floral-patterned fabric.

Harrison Christening Booties


Photo of a baby hand touching a Harrison Personalized Blanket made with a plush quilted white cotton and trimmed with light blue linen. The accent corner features ivory Venice lace. On the corner of the blanket is the name "Harrison" embroidered in light blue thread

Harrison Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

A baby is wearing a white lace cap and white clothing with an embroidered pattern. Sporting a curious expression, the baby glances slightly to the right. The softly lit background provides a gentle, neutral setting, perfectly complementing the handmade USA quality of the Harrison Blue Knit Christening Hat.

Harrison Blue Knit Christening Hat


A baby dressed in a handmade white ensemble, featuring a textured cotton Harrison Christening Bib and a matching cap, is seated on a beige fabric background. The baby has light-colored hair and blue eyes, gazing off to the side with an open mouth expression.

Harrison Christening Bib


A baby wearing the Harrison Short Sleeve Christening Romper sits on a wicker cushioned seat set against a light-colored background. The baby boy, clad in socks, rests one hand on the cushion while his feet rest on a blanket. This adorable scene features an outfit handmade in the USA, perfect for special occasions.

Harrison Short Sleeve Christening Romper

From $89.00

Harrison Jumpsuit

Does it get any better then this? Styled in 100% white textured cotton with an ivory venice trim and sky blue french ruched trim, there is no doubt who will be the center of attention! Pair any of our matching Harrison accessories to complete his outfit. The Harrison collection is designed in house and made in the USA.