Hailey newborn gown on baby with mom

Hailey Layette Gown


A baby is sitting on a light pink quilted surface, wearing a Hailey Romper—a white outfit with lace details and a matching headband with a bow. The baby's eyes are looking slightly to the side. The background is plain white, highlighting the timeless elegance of the ensemble.

Hailey Romper

From $98.00

A baby with blue eyes and brown hair wearing a Hailey Lace Headband adorned with a delicate lace bow. The baby is dressed in a white outfit and looks to the side against a plain, light-colored background.

Hailey Lace Headband


Hailey pink knit sweater and bonnet

Hailey Knit Sweater

From $69.00

Hailey personalized blanket with baby

Hailey Personalized Blanket

From $48.00

A baby wearing a Hailey Knit Bonnet and an outfit with lace details is lying on a pink knit acrylic quilted blanket, gazing to the side. A white pillow is partially visible on the left side of the image.

Hailey Knit Bonnet


Hailey booties on baby

Hailey Booties


Hailey quilted cotton bonnet

Hailey Quilted Bonnet


Hailey pink bunny with baby

Hailey Bunny


Hailey bib on baby girl

Hailey Bib