Clementine Booties - Girls Booties

Clementine Booties

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Clementine Headband - Girls Headband

Clementine Headband

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Clementine Bonnet - Girls Bonnet

Clementine Bonnet

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Clementine Receiving Blanket - Girls Blanket

Clementine Personalized Blanket

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Clementine Christening Dress & Bloomers - Girls Christening Dress

Clementine Christening Dress & Bloomers

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Clementine Bib - Girls Bib

Clementine Bib

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Clementine Christening Dress

The Clementine Christening dress collection is a customer favorite! Featuring a stunning floral embroidered mesh overlay with a distinctive vintage feel. It offers a long blessing gown or a shorter dress and bloomers so you have an option for any special occasion. Pair with the Clementine bonnet for a classic style, or the cute lace headband for a contemporary feel. Match with any of the adorable accessories such as the cotton christening booties, bib, and blanket for a collection that can be passed down with pride. The Clementine collection is designed in house and made in the USA.