Liam Newsboy Cap

Includes: Cap

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Handmade in the USA

The Liam Cap is beautifully handcrafted with 100% quilted cotton in light ivory, selected for its soft texture and heirloom quality. Designed in house in our stylish newsboy cap design. This fitted cap for boys has elastic on the back half to help create a perfect fit.

  • 100% Ivory Quilted Cotton
  • Soft Elastic

Details & Care


  • All of our items are made with delicate raw silks, cottons, linens, and ribbons, which have not been chemically treated


  • We highly recommend dry-cleaning all of our items after wear to help keep the materials in their original shape, texture and color
  • We do not recommend using water to clean pieces made with silk, as it will affect the color and texture of the material, as well as cause the material to lose its natural sheen
  • If you choose to hand wash your cotton items, use a very mild detergent and rinse items well. Keep in mind that water, heat and detergents can affect the shape, texture and color of the items and materials. Hang garments to dry, but avoid direct sunlight as this can discolor the materials

Baptism Outfits Made in the USA

Our emphasis on finding the softest and highest quality materials for the little one wearing them, along with superior craftsmanship, creates christening outfits that are not only worn for one day - they are cherished and passed down for years to come.



Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cutest Hat

Complemented Liam outfit perfectly. Quality is amazing.

Love it!!!

Love it!! My little boy looks so cute with it! Definitely makes the outfit look so much more adorable!!!

Gorgeous suit but not for the price

When I came upon this website I noticed my sons size was sold out on the Limar w the beige trim. I then continued to shop around online and just kept going back to this suit. A few days later I decided to message the company to see if and when they were going to restock and they had replied no. A few days later I went back to see how the all white suit was and noticed that I had a message saying they found more sizes of the limar suit w beige trim. I was excited but also upset. If I never went back to the site I would of never seen the message. Yes the quality is nice and soft, very well made, and a nice modern twist on a suit. But in my personal opinion it is to expensive for an infant to wear for a one time use. I did suck it up and purchased the suit and matching hat anyway. Since the great President Trump gave us a stimulus check I figured I would splurge since I had the extra funds. I also found the same color bow tie to add to make the suit a little more fancy. Being to expensive and being told they didn’t have my sons size and after a few days going back to the site and seeing a message that they found more is why I’m giving the limar 3 piece 2 stars. Package was received 3 days after placing the order. I feel for the inconvenience I should of been given 20%. Lucky for the company I went back and lucky I had the extra funding


Love the hat and the service


Liam Newsboy Cap