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Choosing a gown for a christening is a memorable occasion. This is a gown that will be immortalized in photographs and passed down from generation to generation. Lucky babes in the British royal family have all worn the same delicate satin and Honiton lace christening gown first created for Queen Victoria’s oldest daughter in 1841. Some traditions even have a piece of the christening gown sewn into the wearer’s wedding dress when she is getting married.
There are a number of different styles to complete your vision. Begin a new family tradition by picking out just the right heirloom for your precious child or grandchild. While the fabric and adornments you choose are key elements, it is also important to consider the length of your baby’s gown.
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Christening Gown
There are two types of christening gowns, each with a different length. An heirloom christening gown is the traditional style. This is meant for an infant or baby that is not yet mobile. This style is long, meant to flow over the baby’s feet while she is held by an adoring relative. It is suitable for both boys and girls. This traditional christening gown is made with the finest silks, premium tulle and delicate lacework. It should be 28” to 36” in length. Some unisex styles have detachable ribbons and bows so that the gown can worn by both boys and girls over the years.
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Christening Dress
A christening dress, on the other hand, is slightly shorter and more appropriate for a child that is already crawling or even toddling. This shorter version is easier to handle both during and after the christening ceremony. It is also called a “day dress” and connotes a slightly less formal occasion. It is typically made from cotton or satin. It usually has less detail and smocking than the more formal christening gown. This style should hit the wearer around their knee or mid-calf. Traditionally the christening dress is worn by both boys and girls. This can be a practical choice for warmer weather as well.
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While both the christening dress and gown are traditionally unisex, some parents today are choosing different styles for their baby and toddler boys. A white romper can be worn with or without a gown attachment for the ceremony. These rompers can be shorts- or pants-length. While the romper may differ from the traditional gown, it can still be as ornate as the buyer would prefer. It can include a variety of ribbons or other details to personalize the ensemble.
Boys Quilted Christening Suit

Like any great outfit, accessories are a key component. Whether the baby is a boy or girl, accessories can be added to complete the look. Pair their gown, dress, or romper with a matching bonnet and booties. A lace or satin headband can also accent the ensemble. Boys christening outfits can include a newsboy cap or a pair of wingtip shoes. And a gorgeous soft cotton christening blanket, sweater or even a bib are perfect to keep you baby warm and tidy.
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Baby Beau & Belle pairs vintage ambience with modern appeal to create heirloom christening attire that will stand the test of time. Each of our unique designs is handcrafted with premium materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. We offer simple cotton day dresses, flowing silk gowns and stylish rompers adorned with exquisite lace, floral details and silk ribbons. We also offer expert advice to help you choose one of the most important outfits your child will ever wear. Whether this outfit will be worn once, revisited by several generations or even added to a future wedding gown, it’s importance is reflected in the effort we give to its creation.

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