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Your baby’s christening is one of the most important occasions in their lives and one that you will live to remember. Your little one needs a special outfit for their big day. You will cherish these precious moments for a lifetime, so it’s critical that you choose from the best heirloom christening gowns or other similar attire of your choice. 
poppy christening gown - white
Do Baptism Gowns Have to Be White?
Traditionally white has been the color of an infant’s christening attire. It symbolizes purity and the beginning of a new life in the Christian faith. This is the reason why white silk and lace christening gowns have been quite popular. However, today most churches allow for more color. Hence your baby’s christening outfit doesn’t have to be entirely white. Pastel shades are widely accepted, with most parents choosing an off-white such as ivory. Some of our collection includes touches of pink and blue to add a dash of color to garment. 
 owen boys christening set
What Should a Baby Boy Wear for a Catholic Baptism?
If you have a baby boy, you’ve probably done some research on the proper attire for your little boy’s christening. You may be considering getting him an adorable boys christening gown, which can also provide lots of comfort.
However, if you are looking for a modern boy christening outfit, there is a wide range of short sets, rompers, and suits that you can choose from. A christening short-set typically comprises of a top and short pant bottom. A romper is a one-piece outfit that comes in varying pant lengths. You can also choose a dashing suit for your baby boy.
modern boy christening suit
It’s important that your baby is elegant and comfortable on their special day. You can ensure this by choosing from a special range of heirloom christening gowns that can be passed down to other generations in your family, making it a family tradition. 

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