Recently, we came across the perfect christening gift. When I say perfect, I mean all things a christening gift should be. It is thoughtful, carries sentimental value and extremely unique.  Let’s begin by telling you how we came across this perfect gift. It all started one weekend while visiting a local farmers market. While browsing, a local artisan caught our eye that was selling beautiful cross pendants. These pendants were unlike anything we have seen before! At first glace, we didn’t realize how unique these crosses were until the artist explained. Each cross is handmade from a piece of antique silverware she has collected over the years. How amazing is that! Besides the superb craftsmanship, we loved the care that went into making each piece truly unique. We were eager to share our find with others….

Now, you can shop this artists wonderful selection of one-of-a-kind Vintage Crosses on our site. They are made in different shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that you love. We went ahead and added our own personal touch as well. Each cross is sold with a beautiful lace bow, to make it simple, and beautiful, to display as a wall hanging. It would be darling displayed in a nursery! Each cross comes carefully packaged in a tin box too… Just add a bow and it’s ready to gift!

It’s customary for a gift to be given to the godparents to show your appreciation of their commitment. Besides giving this to the child that is being christening, this makes a wonderful gift for godparents too! We are especially fond of the pendant with the hollow handle which makes a perfect vase for a small bouquet or to place a handwritten note.

What do you think of our new vintage cross pendants?

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