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Zanna’s daughters, Rumi and Juno, were christened this month at 8 months old. Their baptism outfits were a perfect fit and we couldn’t wait to show the sweet photos Zanna sent us! From the Tessa Collection, they wore the Tessa Silk Jumpsuit and matching Tessa Silk Convertible Skirt. Not only did they look gorgeous, the design of the Tessa works perfectly for busy parents with twins!

The Tessa Collection is certainly a standout for the beautiful silks and laces it is made with. The jumpsuit is made from a gorgeous shade of champagne pink silk dupioni, which is the perfect subtle shade of pink for a christening. Besides the beautiful materials, the unique and convenient design is one of the biggest reasons this collection has been such a hit. When the Tessa was first introduced to our collections, we couldn’t wait to share how versatile each piece is. The collection is designed to be used throughout the entire day of your little one’s event, from the christening ceremony to the after christening party.

Think of the Tessa Silk Jumpsuit as the base of the outfit which she will wear all day. Once it’s time for the christening ceremony to start, just slip on the Tessa Convertible Skirt (elastic waist creates comfortable, custom fit) to create the look of an heirloom length gown. To add to the traditional look, add the Tessa Silk Bonnet. After the ceremony is over and you’ve had a chance to take photos, just remove the skirt and she’s ready to head to the after christening celebration in the jumpsuit. You can change up the look even more by mixing and matching different accessories. For example, swap out the Tessa Silk Bonnet for the Tessa Headband, add the matching sweater and a pair of our new Ivory Patent Mary Janes. So, it’s easy to see why the Tessa has been deemed one of our most comfortable, convenient and timeless looks.

Reasons customers love the Tessa Collection:

    • No debate between a shorter design or a longer gown since you can have the best of both worlds!
    • No need to find a completely different outfit for the celebration. Just change the looks with accessories.
    • Accessories can be mixed and matched with christening and after-christening outfit.
    • Quick and easy transition from christening to celebration outfit…just remove the skirt and she’s ready to go!
    • Easy to transport skirt in Muslin Keepsake Garment Bag to keep it wrinkle free and photo ready.
    • Do you love pink? The Tessa Jumpsuit is the perfect, understated pink for a christening
You can view other photos from Rumi and Juno’s baptism on Zanna’s Instagram feed, @zannarassi, along with other beautiful photos of her sweet girls.
Thanks, Zanna!

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