The world is full of beautiful materials and talented artisans. Our eyes are wide open, searching for these materials and artists. We’re driven by the strong desire to create the most beautiful, detailed garments, crafted out of finest materials available. It’s a simple equation: high quality materials plus the highest level of craftsmanship results in heirloom quality garments. Our latest trek took us to Peru, located along the western coast of South America. Peru is known for producing the best cotton in the world. The quality of Peru’s cotton is truly unmatched. Not only is this due to ideal growing conditions along their coastline, the process of cultivating and making cotton is considered an art.

Founder and designer Roberta Salton has a close friend, Marita, who’s originally from Peru. Marita has lived in Washington state for years, but she still has family in Peru. With the help of Marita, she connected Roberta with friends and family members who still reside in Peru who make garments with the highest quality pima cotton and specialize in the fine art of hand looming. It’s because of Marita and our new friends in Peru we’re able to add beautiful hand loomed items to our collections. Just this week, we introduced our new Marita Collection. We’re proud this collection is a mix of hand-loomed pieces that were specially hand-crafted for us in Peru. Last Spring, Roberta traveled to Lima. We’re excited to share her journey with you and the story behind our Marita Collection.

Roberta made a quick visit to Peru Moda, the largest trade show in Peru. During this time, she enjoyed meeting talented artisans from all of Peru.

Peru Moda-”Products that are the result of the courage, passion, hope and happiness of every hand that contributed to their creation”

The main focus of her trip was visiting the women who make the pieces from our Marita Collection. Not only did she witness their talents, she was welcomed into their home. We take pride in knowing that these one of a kind items meet our high expectations and the kind people who made them have true artistic ability.

Many of the women making these beautiful pieces are from very small villages. They are able to make a living hand-looming because of the opportunities and support given to them from other women. Not only are we proud of the level of hand craftsmanship, we’re proud of the story behind each piece.

Roberta also met with one of Marita’s cousin who owns a company that specializes in making infant apparel from the finest pima cotton. We look forward to later this year when Baby Beau and Belle will start carrying hand crafted layettes, made from the finest pima. While the quality of the materials is important, we also consider who will wear our garments. It’s important the infants who wear our designs are happy and comfortable. Pima cotton is gathered by hand which results in cotton free of impurities. This pure cotton is made into the softest cotton available. It’s also hyper allergenic; perfect for young infants with sensitive skin. We’re counting down the days until we add more peruvian items to our collections, so stay tuned!

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