Meet Toby! This precious baby boy was christened this May wearing our Harrison Boys Christening Jumpsuit along with the matching Harrison Cotton Booties. He looked so handsome in his Baptism Outfit! Toby's mom, Becky, was kind enough to tell us about her son's christening. Besides sharing beautiful photos from his day, she also described the search for the perfect Baptism Outfit and what made this day so special for their family. Enjoy!

Toby's Baptism in Chesterfield, England | Harrison Jumpsuit

What did you like about Toby's Baptism Outfit?    

It was simple but very elegant. The ivory and sky blue trim was beautiful and the matching booties looked simply stunning. Toby looked comfortable all day long and the material didn't crease.

Before you started looking for a Baptism Outfit, did you already have a designer or color in mind?

I searched all the UK websites for a christening outfit but couldn't find anything I liked. The Harrison Jumpsuit was just perfect - I wanted a white outfit and the ivory and blue trim was a beautiful addition.

Toby's Baptism in Chesterfield, England | Harrison Jumpsuit

What do you plan to do Toby's Baptism Outfit now that his christening is over?    

I plan to keep Toby's outfit as a wonderful keepsake for the future. It would be lovely if his children in the future wore it.

How old was Toby when he was christened? Was there a reason you choose to christen him at this age?    

He was 4 months old. I wanted him to still be a 'baby' and wrap him in a beautiful shawl. His brother was also christened when he was 4 months old.

Toby's Baptism in Chesterfield, England | Harrison Jumpsuit

How far in advance did you start planning your event and what were the first steps you took to plan?

We started planning the christening about 2-3 months ago. We initially booked the church. Toby was christened at the same church that my husband and I were married at 8 years ago and also where his brother, Oliver, was christened. The church is set in the ground of the Chatsworth estate in the Peak District (where the film Pride & Prejudice was filmed starring Keira Knightly).

Did you have any special family traditions that were incorporated into your day?    

Toby also wore the same christening shawl his brother Oliver wore.

Toby's Baptism in Chesterfield, England | Harrison Jumpsuit

Did you have a celebration after the ceremony?    

Yes, we had a garden party at our family home. Outside caterers served the food. We had Pimms to drink.

Was there a theme to your event?    

The theme was a white and pale blue garden party. We had vintage blue and white floral bunting, white lanterns in the garden trees, a blue and white candy bar etc.

Toby's Baptism in Chesterfield, England | Harrison Jumpsuit

How many family & friends celebrated with you?    

We had 45 friends and family including children.

Looking back, was there a favorite moment from Toby's Christening Day?    

All our closest friends and family gathered together in church.

Toby's Baptism in Chesterfield, England | Harrison Jumpsuit

Thank you, Becky, for sharing Toby's Christening with us!

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