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Cue the warm sunny days that extend well into the evening and colorful pops of fragrant flowers. We are well into the spring season and approaching our beloved summer days. What does bright natural lighting, warm weather and beautiful floral backgrounds mean to us? It’s the opportune time to photograph outside! In particular, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture sweet pictures of you child in their christening outfit. Since the majority of us do not have our own professional photography studio at home, spring and summer days provide the best natural light and beautiful natural backgrounds. Use this chance to be creative! Have a fun day with your baby in the great outdoors! Most importantly, take beautiful photos of your little one that you and your family will look back on for years.

Melissa Christening Gown, Photo by Stephanie Anders //Penelope Silk Christening Dress, Photo by Photography By Brie

Natural Lighting

It’s common for indoor lights to shed a yellow hue onto materials. For example, fluorescent lighting can make white materials appear more ivory and colors more dull. Step outside with your christening outfit and notice nature’s light bring the materials to life! Materials show their true color and intricate details pop. Your child’s christening outfit is a sentimental item to document. Years from now when you are looking through your child’s photos, you’ll be happy to see you captured the details of your child and their outfit well and feel nostalgic about this special time.

If you’re not able to step outside, read “Location, Location, Location”. It’s full of helpful tips and suggestions for indoor photography and how you can create the best photos inside your home.

Silver Fiona Pastel Christening // Clementine Lace Christening Gown, Photo from Shana Robertson

Places to Go

One of the easiest places to head outside to is your own backyard! Not only is it right outside your door, you can easily bring props from inside your house, such as chairs and toys. Take a picture in your garden, on your front porch or on a stone pathway.

Is your yard not quite photograph ready? Maybe you have a friend or family member with a green thumb. Ask them if you can borrow their yard for the afternoon. Plus, it would be useful to have an extra set of hands to help take pictures and arrange props.

A local park, beach or public garden are great options too! Not only will there be pretty scenery for pictures, going to your local park turns into a fun family activity. I suggest going at the least busiest time to avoid random people in the background, such as a weekday morning.

Leila Silk Christening Gown, Photos by Life Writing Photography.


It’s an especially good idea to take pictures outside the church your child is christened at. It adds a sentimental value to the photo too, knowing this was the location your child was christened. For example, this historic church pictured below in Langston Green, England would make a beautiful background for a picture!

Photo from Sharron Goodyear

Melissa Christening Gown, Photo by Stephanie Anders

Find christening photo inspiration on our Customer Photo Page, Facebook Page and Christening Photography Ideas on Pinterest.

Where did you take your child’s christening pictures? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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