Jordan almonds are a great favor to distribute at your christening reception! They are a long living tradition for both weddings and baptisms. They are a sweet, symbolic treat; made from an almond wrapped in a sugar coating which represents how life itself is bittersweet! It is customary to give five almonds in each favor, which symbolizes health, happiness, fertility, wealth and a long-life. It’s a simple favor that won’t eat up much of your planning time either… depending on the jordan almond, they stay fresh for 4-6 months, making this easy to prepare weeks in advance!


Be creative with your packaging! This is a great opportunity to take a simple candy and turn it into a wonderful favor that guests will appreciate for both its significance and taste. Package your almonds in a sachet or small box. I have found many ideas through Pinterest for simple ways to create your own packaging. I’ve also found many favor bags through etsy that you can purchase in small or large quantities.

I love the linen sachets pictured in the featured image and pictured below. This type of packaging is great for a baptism . In particular, the creative combination of linen and lace looks quite vintage and elegant…ideal for a vintage inspired event. I can picture how this style would work well with many of the gowns from Baby Beau and Belle.

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It’s most common to hand out your jordan almonds to guests during the reception. They can be used as a unique touch to your guest’s table setting, or you can create a beautiful display where guests can pick up their favor. Do you have extra jordan almonds left over after all of your favors were packages? Put the remainders in glass mason jars or vases and use as centerpieces at your celebration. I think it would be fun to have one of your older children or your niece/ nephew hand out the favors to guests (plus this will give them a fun responsibility at the event!).

Did You Know?

Jordan almonds are common in many countries. In the Greek Orthodox Church, jordan almonds are known as koufeta? The actual favor is known as a Boubouniera. This tradition dates back over 3000 years. In France, they are known as dragée. In Italy, they are known as confetti.

Are jordan almonds a traditional favor in your family? We would love to hear how you packaged and distributed your sweet treat! Please comment below.

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