Sandra christened her youngest daughter, Scarlett, this past August in Hinchinbrook, Australia. Sandra knew it was meant to be when the dress she wanted Scarlett to wear was from our Scarlett Collection... so perfect! The Scarlett Dress is a mix of white, light ivory, champagne and blush pink. Sandra did a wonderful job incorporating these colors throughout the event. From her two older daughters outfits to the christening invitations and decorations at the after christening celebration.

Scarlett's Christening in the Scarlett Lace Christening Dress

I noticed you ordered your daughter's outfit a little over a month before the christening, which I think is the perfect time to place an order. How far in advance did you start planning other details for the christening?

I started organizing Scarlett's christening in April 2013. I didn't want to buy her christening dress too far in advance as Scarlett was growing rapidly.

Scarlett's Christening Day in the Scarlett Lace Christening Dress

You chose the Scarlett Dress and a few of the matching accessories. The Scarlett lace has always been a favorite amongst me and my coworkers. What did you like about the items you ordered?

When I was looking for a dress I wanted a simple dress with lace. The Scarlett dress was perfect firstly because it was exactly what I was looking for plus it was like 'fate' as the dress was named Scarlett like my daughter... it was just meant to be for her. I loved that I could buy all the matching accessories; headband and bib and we also bought her a [pearl] bracelet with a cross (we thought she could wear it on the day and then become a keepsake for her).

Did she wear her dress for most of the day or did she have an after christening outfit?

Scarlett wore the christening dress from the morning through the service and christening and then I changed her at the restaurant. More so the dress didn't get ruined.

Scarlett's Christening Day in the Scarlett Lace Christening Dress

Can you tell us about the details from Scarlett's Christening Celebration?

We held the celebrations at a restaurant. The theme I went for was vintage so I had birdcages with pale pink ribbons and pearls on the tables with ivory lace runners. The cake was a croque em bouche which is a traditional cake our family has had on each of their children's christening. We hired a party entertainer as we had over 25 children. She entertained by creating art in balloons and doing magic tricks.

Does your family or church have any special traditions?

Besides the cake there is no real set tradition. We are lucky enough to create our own traditions.

Scarlett's Christening Party & Christening Cake

How old was your daughter when she was christened? Was there any reason for christening her at this age or anything you liked about christening her at this age?

Scarlett was almost 9 months, we have usually christened our girls earlier but we went on holidays earlier in the year and decided we would leave it to a later date to christen Scarlett. I did love that we left it a bit later as Scarlett had so much more character and was able to observe and enjoy what was going on around her.

Christening Photos | Scarlett's Christening Party

Looking back, was there a highlight from your daughter's special day?

From the minute we all woke up it was an event... getting ready and the excitement that it was Scarlett's big day of celebration. We had our family staying with us as Scarlett's godparents (one set) are from Melbourne and her grandparents live too far to travel back and forth, so it really was a big event. Scarlett's sisters, Gizelle and Sofia, talked about the christening months before, as they were looking forward to getting all dressed up and enjoying the day. We loved being able to celebrate with all of our friends and family. Our kids enjoyed having the company of all the other kids. I guess the highlight for us was being with everyone we loved and enjoying food, drink and a good chat & laugh.





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