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The Scarlett Gown is simply stunning. The overall design of the gown and the intricate lace is what makes this gown such a standout. The lace embroidery is the perfect combination of white, blush pink, ivory and light champagne tones. The silk under gown is made with an antique white silk, which is the perfect creamy white undertone to make the details and colors of the floral embroidery pop. It’s hard not to feel inspired looking at the items from the Scarlett Collection. I can easily imagine an event planned around the colors and details of the Scarlett Gown… soft feminine touches, simple flower arrangements of peonies and roses, an elegant display of desserts and antique table settings. I’ve gathered a few images of what I envision as the perfect christening for Scarlett.
    • A peony is the perfect flower for the Scarlett! The richly embroidered lace used for Scarlett is an all over floral and vine design, and a peony is very similar to the floral design. Peonies are commonly found in shades of pink, so it would be easy to match the blushed pink color of the Scarlett. I love the image of the two peonies in the small glass vase. It is the perfect compliment to the Scarlett Gown! While I love intricate centerpieces made from a mix of multiple flowers, simple is often the better option. The Scarlett Gown is so detailed, I think a smaller vase with only two or three flowers is perfect. Roses and carnations would also work well with the Scarlett Gown.
    • Having a dessert table is an easy display to coordinate and fun for your guests, young and old, to indulge in! For the Scarlett, I picture desserts that you would find at a tea party, such as shortbread cookies, tea cookies, meringue kisses and madeleines. I think the petite size of these desserts are so elegant. Macarons, like the light pink ones pictured above, are the perfect addition as well! Originating in France, macarons are a delicious cream filled cookie that is smaller in size. Macarons are growing in popularity and a perfect dessert for a baptism! They are made in a variety of colors and flavors, so it would be easy to find a color that would work well with your baptism event.
    • Tissue pom-poms are such a simple decoration to add to your celebration! They are actually quite easy to create yourself, or you can purchase a kit (I found many available on Etsy) or pre-made pom-poms as well. You can make them small or large in size, so they are quite helpful to fill an empty space that needs a pop of color. Plus, tissue paper is available in every color and pattern possible, so it would be easy to match up the color to your theme. I love the rounded edges and soft pink color of the tissue pom-pom pictured above.
    • When I was shopping at a local antique store, I noticed a set of antique silverware and thought it would be such a lovely touch to add to a christening party! Although you may not be able to purchase a complete set, they would be nice to use as your serving utensils or dessert silverware.

    What do you envision at a baptism for Scarlett? Please leave questions and comments below!

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