Arriving just in time for warm summer christening events, the Sarita Dress and Bloomers Set makes a wonderful, colorful addition to our selection of After Christening Outfits For Girls. With any outfit we make, we have to consider a few things. First and foremost, will the baby by comfortable wearing this? Also, we’re only searching for the best quality materials that are special enough to use for such a special occasion. The Sarita Dress and Bloomers Set is absolutely the perfect mix of comfort and beautiful unique materials! It is made with a gorgeous floral cotton and a natural lace detail which makes this sweet little number the ideal outfit for your baby girl to wear for her summer christening celebration.

Comfy Baby, Happy Baby

After the christening ceremony is over, it’s time to celebrate this very special occasion with family and friends. While some parents keep their baby in the same outfit for the ceremony and after-party, it’s quite common to change into a different outfit for the celebration. Changing the baby into a different outfit is especially common for babies that are christened wearing longer, heirloom length gowns. It’s also common for older babies to change since they are more mobile, busy walking and crawling around. Overall, the comfort of the baby is most important. A comfy baby is a happier baby and she’ll be able enjoy this special celebration for her.

Colorful After Christening Outfit

It’s quite traditional for the christening outfit to be made with materials in shades of ivory and white. The after christening outfit is a totally different story though! While some prefer to stick to white or pastel shades for the after christening outfit too, it’s perfectly fine to change her into something brighter! After all, she is the star of the show, so a vibrant print will definitely make her standout. Besides the fun print, the design is especially wonderful for summer. Cotton is very light breathable material, especially compared to silk which is a tighter weave, so cotton will help keep her cool on a hot summer day.

Sarita Lace Headband

There are many reasons to love the matching Sarita Lace Headband. First of all, it’s made with the same beautiful materials used to make the dress and bloomers, so she’ll be perfectly matching from head to toe. The design is just lovely. The natural wide lace is combined with a soft elastic to ensure a comfortable, yet stylish, fit. Last, but not least, the charming floral bow detail is too cute for words. This headband is easily something she could wear over and over again. The headband has plenty of stretch to fit well into her toddler years.

Sarita Booties

One glance at the sweet little handmade Sarita Cotton Booties and you’ll fall in love. Somewhat unique compared to our other bootie styles for girls, the Sarita Booties are much more vibrant! I love the added bow detail on the elastic strip, which ensures it will stay on wiggly baby feet.

Sarita Lace Edge Bloomers

There are not many things cuter than a baby girl in a pair of bloomers! Especially a pair of floral cotton bloomers with lace detail. The Sarita Bloomers, which are included with the Sarita Dress Set (yay!), are designed to fall just above the knee, intended to peak out from the hem of the dress so the lace cuff is visible. We’re loving the picture of our cute little model wearing just the bloomers and headband. If you plan on having a photo shoot be sure to capture a few of her wearing just the bloomers… it’s just so cute to resist!

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