You would be surprised by how much time can go into planning a christening event! In fact, I’ve often heard the comparison that planning a christening is similar to planning a wedding. It makes me smile to imagine this, but it really is comparable in many ways! Invitations, finding the perfect venue for the celebration, choosing the food, decor, photographer…and don’t forget about the search for the perfect christening outfit! In fact, in one of our recent christening story features, Lia lovingly describes how her daughter Ava was like a bride. She wore something old, something borrowed and something new for her christening! Ava looked adorable in her vintage pearl necklace that was her Great-Grandmother’s (something borrowed since it now belongs to Lia) a bracelet that was Lia’s as a child, but is now Ava’s (something old) and her Louisa Gown and Bonnet (something new!).
I’ve had the opportunity to help many people who are in the process of planning a christening. In particular, I have a lot of experience with helping people find the perfect outfit. Knowing how busy new moms are, I find it particularly rewarding knowing I’m making their search for their child’s christening outfit easier… especially on a day that is so significant in their child’s life. So I thought, what would be a helpful tool that would make the planning of this day that much easier? Personally, when I have something important to do in my own life, I like putting together a checklist that helps me stay me on track, especially in crunch times when details tend to inconveniently slip out of memory. I’ve organized a simple, yet helpful, checklist for planning the perfect Christening, along with a few tips and suggestions.
Please click the image below to print off your own complimentary checklist.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before the planning begins:

  • One of the most important things to consider is if your church or family has traditions. I love hearing about family traditions that relate to christenings! Such as the same ivory lace bonnet that has been passed down in your family for over a 100 years, or if your Grandmother has gifted the same special gold cross necklace to all of her Grandchildren. If you don’t have any traditions, maybe there’s something special that you will do for your child that will become a new tradition!
  • How old would you like your child to be? For some people, a newborn christening is very common. Maybe there’s an age that is common for children in your family to be christened? Little Ava was christened when she was exactly 9 months old. There were a few reasons Lia choose to christen her at this age, but she had a good point that at this age, Ava was “very alert, she could stand up, sit up, wave and also have fun at her party.”
  • Get inspired! I…LOVE…PINTEREST! I have always considered myself a crafty person, but the amount of DIY projects around my house has gone up exponentially since the discovery of Pinterest. It’s amazing the ideas that I have found that are, for the most part, quite simple to do. I’ve had a blast pinning inspirational ideas for christenings and other events to our Baby Beau and Belle Pinterest Page. You know how I mentioned a christening is comparable to a wedding? I have found a lot of inspirational ideas from others Pinterest boards for weddings! Beautiful cakes, vintage themes, lace details…all inspiring for christenings as well! Ask for helpful ideas from family and friends too!
  • Do you have help planning your event? Hopefully, as a new mom, there will be someone, such as a friend, family member or godparent, that will be able to lend a hand. My hope is that our checklist is a nice guideline, but there’s nothing like a few friends to help you stay on track and help out when needed!
  • Have fun and try not to stress! Remember, this is a very special day and it’s all about your little one.

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