Kira Elizabeth LaTocha was baptized this spring wearing our Penelope Baptism Gown. She looked so darling in her gown and matching bonnet! Kira’s mom, Kelli, was so kind to share her daughter’s beautiful christening photos with us, as well her thoughts on the Penelope Gown. Enjoy!

“I wanted everything perfect for her special day and planned months in advance for her to be baptized on Good Friday, April 3rd, 2015.  When searching for a baptism gown I wanted one that would be worthy enough to be an Heirloom to pass to my Grandchildren.  I searched the Internet for a long time but I knew the minute I saw the “Penelope Christening Gown” that it was the one.  It’s stunningly beautiful with its lace overlay and all the fine details that went into the dress.  There is a touch of pink in the ribbons that hang on the front and a pink rose detail on the dress and beautiful silk bonnet.  I love the pearl buttons and pearl beads sown into the gown at random places.   Although very expensive, I felt worth every penny to mark this special day in my daughters history to be remembered forever and this dress will be passed to my Grandchildren.  I bought the size 9-12month and Kira was approx 19-20 lbs & 27.5 inches long at the time of her baptism and it fit perfectly”

– Kelli LaTocha

Thank you Darius & Kelli for sharing your daughter’s Christening with us.

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