These fans are an easy DIY project that will create a beautiful, decorative touch to your christening party! They are a unique design, simple to make and quite elegant once completed. I originally fell upon an image of something similar, which inspired me to try and make these fans myself. They looked simple enough to make – and they were! The first one I made took more time than I anticipated, but with more experience, the next few I made were much faster.

M  A  T  E  R  I  A  L  S

  • Paper  – I used lotka paper, which is a handmade artisan paper from Nepal. It’s known for it’s durability, but it still has a delicate appearance and light enough to make folds… perfect for a project such as this. I used a roll of hand painted lotka paper, found at a local store that carries items from around the world (World Market).
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder
  • Glue

H  O  W    T  O    M  A  K  E

    1. I cut two strips of paper, measuring 21 inches long and 5 inches wide.
    2. I folded the paper back and forth, accordion style. I made the folds 1 inch apart. To make the folds more crisp, I used a bone folder. It made the folding process much easier.
    3. Once the strip of paper was folded, I cut one end into a rounded edge. I also cut a small triangle shape on one length of the folded paper. Once the paper is unfolded, it created a lovely round edge and diamond shape in the center.
    4. Once both strips of paper were folded and cut, I attached the end of one strip of paper to the other with adhesive. I then connected the other two ends to one another which created the shape of the beautiful fan.
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