Elegant, timeless, a true heirloom design…

The Kristina Heirloom Gown Collection is made with a beautiful antique white silk and gorgeous floral champagne floral lace. Made in a true heirloom length that will fall well past the baby’s feet. A great deal of time goes into handcrafting each gown…creating a design that is kept within the family for generations.

The contrast between the antique white silk and champagne floral lace make the Kristina a gorgeous design to photograph. Over the years, we’ve received many beautiful customer photos of our Kristina Gown. We love how everyone makes the gown their own. While some see the Kristina as a vintage inspired look, others see it as more of a modern take on a christening gown. One thing is for certain – we always come away feeling inspired by the beautiful photos we receive.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite images of our Kristina Gown, along with inspiring images for a party inspired by the Kristina Collection. Below are a few of our favorite photos, but be sure to take a look at our Kristina Collection on Pinterest to help create your dream Kristina Celebration.

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