This week we added the Kristina 2pc Christening Dress to our Girls Christening Dress Collection. If you’re familiar with our Kristina Collection, you’ll notice our new dress is the same design as the gown but made in a shorter length. A wonderful option for parents who like the intricate design of a 2-piece heirloom gown, but do not want something quite as long and dramatic as a traditional heirloom length. This length is especially wonderful for older babies that are busy crawling around or starting to take their first steps.


As the name of the dress hints, the Kristina 2pc Christening Dress is two separate pieces. The first piece is an antique white silk dress which is actually quite beautiful and simply on its own. The second piece is the lace coat which buttons on top of the silk dress in a contrasting champagne and ivory floral embroidery. It’s beautiful how the detail of the lace stands out against the white silk. If you opt for the Kristina Dress (or gown), I highly suggest you step outside if weather permits to take photos in the natural light. The natural light really makes the white silk a brighter whiter (inside light often casts a yellow tint to white materials) and you’ll capture every detail of her outfit. The best time to take photos would be in the early evening and she’ll be surround be a warm glow from the sun.

The Kristina Collection includes all the matching accessories, so it will be easy to complete her look from head to toe! You’ll have to decide whether you like the Kristina Headband or the lace bonnet more for the ceremony… often parents have a tough time deciding which they prefer. I love the way the Kristina Bonnet photographs, but the Kristina Headband is the perfect touch of simplicity since the dress alone is already a standout.


There are a few quick changes you can make to easily transition the Kristina Dress to an after-christening outfit. One simple change you can make is to remove the lace coat and change the accessories. The silk dress alone makes a perfect after-christening outfit!

Now for changing the accessories. If she wore the Kristina Lace Bonnet with the dress during the ceremony you can swap it out for the Kristina Headband. You can also switch the Kristina Booties for a pair of the White Mary Janes and a pair of lace socks. The Mary Janes are particularly nice if your baby is starting to walk since they will provide more support than a pair of cotton booties. The white shoes match perfectly, but you can choose from an array of colors, so be sure to take a peek at our Mary Janes Collection to see what you like best.

You can also add a knit sweater to the silk dress to help keep her warm. The Scarlett Knit Sweater is a beautiful match to the antique white silk dress. It’s a soft ivory knit with hints of blush, white and champagne in the lace detail. The Marita Hand Loomed Sweater would be a wonderful match to the silk dress too!

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