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Often choosing a christening outfit can have its limitations. Besides weather being a factor, the design you choose also depends on the age of the baby and how mobile they are. Options are not quite as limited for younger babies since they are typically held throughout the ceremony and sleep right through the whole ceremony anyways! But as your baby gets older, they are more awake, alert and mobile. Especially once they reach the crawling and walking stages. A longer one-piece gown may not work if you know you have a little one that doesn’t like to sit still for long. In that case, a jumpsuit or 3-piece suit design may be the better option. An heirloom length gown is desired by many though, but parents often face these dilemmas:

  1. I want my older baby to wear a long gown but I think he’s too mobile to wear a longer design!
  2. I can’t decide between an heirloom length gown or a jumpsuit for the ceremony.
  3. If I choose a longer gown, does that mean I have to get another outfit for the celebration?

Owen Silk Convertible Skirt Collection

If any of these issues sounds familiar, you will love the design of our convertible skirt from our Owen Silk Collection! By wearing the Owen Christening Jumpsuit and Owen Convertible Skirt together, it creates the traditional look of an heirloom length gown. The design is simple, so it will be struggle free to put it on your little guy. Once you have the jumpsuit on, all you have to do is pull the skirt up to his waist (skirt waist is elastic) and fasten the buttons on the front bodice to secure it in place. Since it’s so easy to put on, you can wait until just before the ceremony to put the skirt on him. This will actually help keep the skirt wrinkle free before the ceremony since he won’t have to wear it in his carrier on the way to the church, so that is definitely a bonus.

After the ceremony is over, simply remove the skirt and he’s ready to celebrate in the Owen Jumpsuit! There are a few details you can add the to the outfit as well, such as the Owen Silk Booties. They are perfectly matching to the jumpsuit and add an extra special touch. Also, don’t forget the matching Owen Silk Brim Hat to complete the look. For the winter months, the Owen Quilted Cotton Jacket is a must. The jacket is the softest cotton and will certainly keep in warm on a winter day.

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