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This week, we’re all kinds of excited for our new Joli Christening Romper Dress! For those of you familiar with our collections, this design may look familiar… well, we’ve actually been making our Joli Collection for years! Our Joli Christening Gown is one of our most popular Girls Cotton Christening Gowns. The gown is designed to fall well past the baby’s feet, and although we love the look of a longer gown, we thought it was time to make something similar in a shorter length for those looking for a dress.


Have you heard of a ‘Romper Dress’ before? A romper dress is everything wonderful about a jumpsuit and a dress combined into one convenient design! Try to imagine this – The Joli Romper Dress consists of two layers of material. The first layer is similar to the design of a jumpsuit, or a romper. It’s made with super soft pima cotton and snaps along the inseam just as a jumpsuit would. The second layer of material is made with our beautiful pink floral lace, which makes the skirt of the dress. Overall, the romper gives the look of a little bloomers peaking out from the lace skirt. Pretty wonderful, right? Parents love the ease of this one-piece look!


With the help of our friends on Facebook, we took a poll to see “What’s your Favorite?” … the Joli Bonnet or the Joli Headband? Well, the outcome was about 50/50. Georgiana C. commented, “I love the headband! Looks so fresh!” which is often what people love about the headband! There’s something subtly perfect about this simple accessory. The bonnet is very loved though… there is something quite adorable about a baby girl in a bonnet (enter heart eyes emoji).


Included with the Joli Collection are all the matching accessories to make it easy to one-stop shop. A beautiful bib to protect her beautiful dress? Check. A light blanket for when the AC in the church gets a little too chilly? Check. Handmade booties so she is perfectly matching from head to toe? Check.

Let us know what you think about our new romper dress in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have about our newest design!

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