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On a very special Summer day in the Bay area, baby Margaret was christened wearing the Louisa Christening Gown & Bonnet. This little one looked like such a doll in her vintage inspired gown! We were lucky to have Margaret's mom, Lauren, share with us gorgeous photos from the christening ceremony, as well as details about Margaret's gown and more about how their family celebrated this special event. She described the search for the perfect gown and how the gown fit perfectly with the "vintage & rustic" theme for the celebration. We hope you enjoy Margaret's story as much as we do!

Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

What did you like about Margaret's christening gown?

I wanted to find a christening gown that was vintage inspired, sweet and elegant. I absolutely loved the Louisa gown for our daughter Margaret's baptism. I loved the lace detailing, the two-tone ivory color, and the vintage style. She looked like a little doll out of the 1800's in her gown. I also couldn't resist buying the bonnet. It was the perfect accessory to complete her sweet look.

Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & BonnetMargaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

Before you started looking for a christening outfit, did you already have a design or color in mind?

I definitely wanted an ivory gown. I wore an ivory lace gown for our wedding and I wanted to find a special dress that had some of the same details. I wanted something with a slightly puffed sleeve, empire waist, and lace! A dress that could've made in a different time. I found all these elements in the Louisa gown.

Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & BonnetMargaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

What do you plan to do with Margaret's Louisa Gown now that her christening is over?  

For a while our daughter's dress was displayed in her room. We've now stored it in a keepsake box to be used if we have another little girl.

Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & BonnetMargaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

How old was Margaret when she was christened? Was there a reason you choose to christen her at this age?    

Margaret was 1 day shy of 9 months when she was christened. We had wanted to christen her earlier, but unfortunately the Priest that performed our wedding, whom we wanted to baptize her, fell ill, so we needed to find another Priest that could perform this sacrament for her. It was very important to us to have a relationship with whichever Priest would perform the ceremony. It took us a few months to decide and spend some time developing that relationship. In the end it was the right decision to wait. Father Brian did a wonderful job incorporating little tidbits about our family into the ceremony.

Were there any special family traditions that were incorporated into your day?    

Our very best friends flew out from Illinois to be the godparents to our little girl. It was such a special day to have them with us. Their faith and friendship have been so important to us, and we were honored to have them as her godparents.

Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

Did you have a celebration after the christening ceremony? We'd love to hear about it!   

After the ceremony we had a reception at my mom's house. I decorated the backyard with coral tablecloths, cream napkins, and coral, soft pink, cream, and green floral centerpieces. I choose vintage inspired dishes, and glassware. We also had vintage-inspired decorations like lanterns and garden decorations. We served an Italian-style meal! Hors d'oeuvres were served on a table underneath an arbor laden with grapevines heavy with grapes. Meat and cheese platters, crudites, and sangria. For lunch, each table was served family style homemade lasagna. My mother catered for years, so she and I prepared all the food ourselves. For dessert, a rustic cake and thumbprint cookies filled with home-made jam in the centers.        

How many family & friends celebrated with you?    

We had about 45 family & friends from all over the Bay Area and beyond join us for this special day.

Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

Was there a theme to your event?    

Every decision we made that day had to fit with our vintage-inspired rustic theme.

Looking back, was there a favorite moment from Margaret's Christening Day?    

After Margaret was baptized, she kept leaning her head back for more water. She kept interrupting the Priest too...she definitely had a lot to "say". She had everyone giggling. She also kept chewing on the ribbon tie from her bonnet. It was so fitting because I swear everything goes in that child's mouth :)Margaret's Vintage Baptism | Louisa Baptism Gown & Bonnet

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing Margaret's Christening with us! She looked beautiful in the Louisa Gown!!


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