Lucy was baptized in an intimate catholic ceremony among family and friends on a warm Mississippi morning, June 29, 2013. She looked like an absolute doll in our Clementine Gown and Bonnet! Lucy’s mom, Shana, planned a wonderful day for her daughter, which included the cutest personalized invitations, a mini photo shoot on a farm and a celebration at a popular southern restaurant. The Clementine Gown was a wonderful compliment to Lucy's perfect southern baptism.

Lucy's Baptism Wearing Clementine Christening Gown & Bonnet

I think it's helpful for customers to hear a little about the planning... I think people are sometimes surprised by how much time can go towards planning a christening! How old was Lucy when she was christened? How far in advance did you start planning and what were some of the first steps you took when you started planning for this day?

I am very glad your company is adding this to their website. During my planning, I did not find many resources online. This is going to be very helpful to others as they begin to plan such an important event. We started planning Lucy’s christening when she was 6 months old, about 1 month prior to the actual event. The first thing we did was try to find a date that worked for everyone. My husband is the youngest child from a family of 13 children so setting the date was the hardest part!! We decided on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 11:00 am. Lucy was exactly 7 months and 1 day old on her christening day. After we booked the church and reception venue, the next thing we did (which was my favorite part) was to find the perfect christening gown! Once the gown had been chosen, I began working on the invitations. I took the photo and designed the invitations myself. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Lucy's Southern Baptism | Clementine Christening Gown & Bonnet

Everyone in the office thinks the pictures of Lucy outside are soo sweet! Was this a photo shoot that happened before the event? The colors and setting in the photo compliment the gown so well. I love when customers take photos outside always makes for really beautiful lighting. Was there anything that inspired you for this photo shoot or a theme that you had in mind?

I had a mini photo shoot with Lucy exactly 2 weeks after her christening. I am not a professional photographer but just LOVE taking pictures of my daughter! Lucy and I went to one of my sister in laws home to take the photos. She lives on a beautiful farm that makes for lovely backgrounds. There were lots of people behind the scenes helping and you probably can’t tell but it was one HOT Mississippi morning! We used an old antique chair to create the vintage look. I wanted the photo to look like it could have been taken 100 years ago. Lucy was posed so perfectly in this shot and I thought is showed her dress detail nicely.

Lucy's Baptism Photoshoot in the Clementine Baptismal Gown & Bonnet

The Clementine Gown and Bonnet fit Lucy like a glove! I actually recall emailing you when you placed your order about sizing for the booties.. I'm hoping those fit well too! When you first started searching for Lucy's christening outfit, was there something in particular you were looking for?

When I first started looking for Lucy’s gown, I wanted to find a gown that looked like it had been in our family for years. I looked online and in local shops to find the perfect gown. My sister in law, who is also Lucy’s godmother, helped me in this important but fun process. I don’t know how exactly I came upon your website but I am so glad that I did! When I saw the Clementine gown, I knew that it was the ONE! It had that heirloom look that I was looking for. I want this gown to be passed down in our family and become a true family heirloom.

What did you like about the Clementine Collection?

My favorite part of the gown is the beautiful and intricate lace detail. It is truly gorgeous! And what most people don’t realize online, it is a very comfortable gown. I have gotten the gown preserved in a shadowbox with several mementos from her christening day. I am thrilled to have this beautiful piece to display in our home!

Lucy's Baptism Photoshoot in the Clementine Christening Gown & Bonnet

What church did the ceremony take place at?

Lucy was baptized at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Madison, MS, on a Saturday morning. We had the whole church to ourselves and it was very special to be there with just our families and close friends.

Does your family or church have any special traditions?

Our family always celebrates with a meal afterwards and of course, cake! Lucy received many sweet gifts, including several beautiful rosaries and picture frames to document the occasion. Lucy and I also wore a very special matching bracelet called The Prayer Bracelet by Ronaldo. It is designed with seven beads that represent a prayer for each day of the week. My husband purchased one of these bracelets for me the day that we found out we were having a healthy girl. It was the answer to our prayers! On the day Lucy was born, my husband gave her a Prayer bracelet just like mine. It is a very special piece of jewelry that we both wear.

Lucy's Christening Party Celebration

Where did your celebration take place?

Our celebration took place at Cock of the Walk. It is a local favorite that specializes in a southern delicacy, Fried Catfish. The restaurant overlooks the Ross Barnett Reservoir and makes for a perfect event location. It also has that laid back atmosphere that we wanted to incorporate into the day.

We'd love to hear about any special touches from the celebrations.

The cake came from my favorite bakery and it was a big hit. I found the inspiration to my cake design on Pinterest. My sister in law/Lucy’s godmother also ordered decorated cookies in the shape of a cross for everyone to have as a favor. It was all about family that day and of course, Lucy was the center of it all!

Looking back, was there a favorite moment or highlight from Lucy's christening?

My favorite part of the day was Lucy! She was the star of the show and she knew it! She loved all the attention. It was like she knew everyone was there to see her. She looked so beautiful in her gown and everyone was so happy and relaxed. It was perfect!

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