This darling little girl is Lennon! She was christened this July wearing the Melissa Christening Gown; a soft cotton gown with beautiful lace and ribbon details. Lennon’s mom, Gigi, shared with us how perfect the cotton gown was for the warm weather in their home state of Texas, and allowed Lennon to be very comfortable in her christening outfit. After the christening ceremony was over, they celebrated with a “rustic charm” celebration among 50 friends and family member. Gigi shared a few other details from Lennon's Christening, as well as a few beautiful photos from the ceremony.

Lennon's Christening Story | Melissa Christening Gown & Bonnet

What did you like about Lennon's Baptism Gown?    

The outfit was beautiful, with sweet light pink details. We got so many compliments. Houston, TX July weather can be very warm, and Lennon was very comfortable in this cotton option.

Before you started looking for a Baptism Outfit, did you already have a design or color in mind?

I had an idea of what I wanted. The church only required something white. I wanted something classic and traditional, yet comfortable and easy to dress.

What do you plan to do with Lennon's Baptism Gown now that her christening is over? 

I plan on displaying in a shadow box in her nursery.

Lennon's Christening Story | Melissa Christening Gown & Bonnet

How old was Lennon when she was christened? Was there a reason you choose to christen her at this age?    

11 months old; we waited for a date her godparents could fly in as they live in a different city.

How far in advance did you start planning your event and what were the first steps you took to plan?    

Four months in advance. Booked the date with the church, asked our family if they would be godparents, sent out invitations, planned the party.

Did you have any special family traditions that were incorporated into your day?    

Yes, her godmother gave Lennon her first cross pendant necklace, and her grandma gave her first cross.

Lennon's Christening Story | Melissa Christening Gown & Bonnet

Did you have a celebration after the ceremony?    

The celebration took place in our home with family and friends. My husband is a great cook and BBQ was served with all the fixings!

How many family & friends celebrated with you?    

There were approximately 50 people who came to celebrate.

Do you have any suggestions for other parents as they start planning their child's christening?    

It is a very special day for your child, make sure to honor it as such. It should be celebrated with those you love.

Looking back, was there a favorite moment from Lennon's Christening Day?    

My favorite moment was when she was christened, she looked so beautiful.

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