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Christenings are special days for the entire family. If your little princess is about to get christened, you're probably looking for a gorgeous gown to do her justice on the occasion. If so, you've come to the right place. Our range of christening gowns offers gorgeous, dreamy designs with comfortable, airy flourishes little ones deserve. They allow for maximum movement while featuring stunning detail, such as scalloped hems, embroidery, and lace overlay. If you believe your angel only deserves the best of the best, you may want to consider our selection of top 3 baby girl lace christening gowns.

lola christening gown

  1. The Lola Christening Gown

The Lola gown is the key feature of our Lola Christening collection. This dress blends top quality, soft cotton with air-light silk to create a breathable, yet whimsical design. The overlay is made of lace weaved in a beautiful floral pattern. For a more tailored fit and adjustable breathability, the Lola dress also features a silk sash around the waist, which you can tie to your (or your baby girl’s) desired snugness. The Lola christening dress is best matched with the collection’s adorable accessories: the Lola Bubble Romper and a lace bonnet to keep her gorgeous curls out of trouble.

poppy lace christening gown

  1. The Poppy Christening Gown

To many of our clients, shopping “Handmade in The USA” is of importance. Not only are you supporting our talented seamstresses, but you also have greater insight into the materials used on the lace christening gowns that catch your eye. The Poppy lace christening gown is a dream of patterned lace, which will be reminiscent of an old passed down heirloom from a relative or remarkable elegance. With its flaring short sleeves, your baby girl will be the angel she is, which will look adorable with the matching lace booties. To accessorize your baby girl’s hair, the Poppy lace christening headband will top off the look with a gorgeous silk bow.


eliza christening gown

  1. Eliza Newborn Christening Gown

Your newborn baby girl needs to be draped in the softest, most comfortable fabrics. Therefore, the Eliza Newborn Christening Gown provides a design of pure, soft cotton, with comfortable elbow-length sleeves. This dress features a netting lace overlay, with delicate, ivory embroidery, worthy of a Victorian princess. The flowing hem will make your angel look like a vision of innocence and cuteness, and the touch of lace provided by the Eliza Christening collection will elevate the whole look with a subtle, elegant feel.

If you’re looking to spoil your baby girl ahead of her special day, our collection of lace christening gowns is bound to pull at your heartstrings with its immense cuteness. Order with us today to wrap your angel in a cloud of lacy heaven on her christening day; the gorgeous ceremony pictures you obtain will thank you for it.

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