Nathalie resides in the beautiful city of Zahle, which is situated in central Lebanon. Her precious son, Joseph-Ziad, was christened in a traditional Catholic ceremony on July 28th, 2013. Little Joe-Ziad shared his special day with his cousin, Sarah, who was christened on this beautiful Summer day as well. 50 close friends and family gathered in a small church, nestled in the foothills of Zahle, to help celebrate this memorable day. All aspects of their day, from the church and decorations, to the colorful candy display, were well thought out and detailed. Nathalie started her planning three months before the event took place. Within the first month, she set the christening date, chose an outfit and found the perfect location to celebrate the little ones Summer Christening.

Joe-Ziad's Christening Photos | Harrison 3-Piece Christening Suit

When Nathalie came across our website, her heart was immediately set to having Joe-Ziad wear an outfit from one our collections. In particular, she was quite drawn to the Harrison 3-Piece Set. Naturally, there was a bit of hesitation buying her son's outfit from an online shop based overseas, but the Harrison Set was exactly what she was looking for! Nathalie ended up having her brother-in-law, who lives in the US, purchase the outfit and bring it with him to Lebanon. The Harrison Suit, along with the Harrison Booties and Bib, fit Joe-Ziad so well! Nathalie described the outfit as the perfect mix of traditional, formal, classic and comfortable that her son happily wore his outfit for most of the day. Her favorite details were the blue and ivory french ribbons, and the overall quality and design of the outfit.

Joe-Ziad's Christening in Harrison 3-Piece Suit

As is tradition, the God-Parents dressed Joe-Ziad in his christening outfit, which is a special moment for all involved. Nathalie described this as one of the highlights from her day...simply seeing how beautiful Joe-Ziad looked in his outfit brought tears to her eyes. She also felt very grateful for the role Joe-Ziad's God-Parents agreed to fill.

Joe-Ziad's Christening wearing Harrison Boys Christening Suit

The Christening took place at St. Elias Church. The church is very old, founded in the early 1700's, located close to the family's home in Zahle. You can see from the pictures, the church alone set the backdrop for gorgeous photos... stone walls, intricate wooden pews and colorful wall hangings and tapestries.

Family and friends continued their celebration at Casino Arabi, a Lebanese restaurant. They reserved an outdoor area, which Nathalie described as "very fresh" for their Summer event. Nathalie designed a spectacular table full of desserts that guests could choose from, including cake pops, cupcakes, cookies and a lovely cake that read “God Bless Sarah & Joe-Ziad”. The table was personalized with photos of Joe-Ziad and Sarah that they had taken prior to the event. Guests went home with sweet little bags of jordan almonds (another common tradition).

Joe-Ziad's Christening wearing Harrison 3-Piece Christening Suit

White with touches of soft pink and light sky blue (perfect compliment to the Harrison!) was the theme for the day. White worked well for their traditional ceremony and the pops of blue and pink were the perfect addition since this day was in celebration of a little girl and a little boy.

Nathalie was very happy with her decision to hire a professional photographer that captured many special moments throughout the day. She looks forward to looking back at the photos, remembering what a special day it was.

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