Jake was christened this past fall in Langton Green, England. He was christened in our Harrison Jumpsuit and matching sweater... he looked adorable! You'll notice in the photos, the blue details on the Harrison were the perfect match to this little guy's big blue eyes. Jake is the youngest of 3 children. His mom, Sharron, planned a beautiful day that was spent celebrating Jake's christening and catching up with family and friends. Already having planned two christenings for her older children, Sharron had experience planning a christening event. She knew to plan well in advance (she suggests booking the church before your baby arrives), allowing herself time to include special details, such as custom candy bar favors for guests. Ultimately, she wanted everyone to enjoy this special celebration, including the younger guests. Sharron was quite thoughtful and kept the children entertained with sweet treats and games.

Jake's Christening Day | Christening Photo of Old Church

How far in advance did you start planning Jake's christening?    

I had to book the church itself about 7 months ahead in the end as the church we used for the christening of my other two children was so booked up so we had to look at an alternative choice near to where we lived.

Jake's Christening Ceremony in the Harrison Jumpsuit & Sweater SetJake's Christening Day in the Harrison Jumpsuit & Sweater Set

Were your other children christened around the same age as Jake?    

Joshua (my eldest) was christened at 7 months but Grace my daughter was christened at 5 months. She was a bigger baby and so we needed to do it earlier to make sure she would fit the gown Joshua had worn (it was a unisex gown).

Jake's Christening Ceremony in the Harrison Christening Jumpsuit SetJake's Christening Day in the Harrison Christening Outfit

Can you describe the Christening ceremony?

The Christening took place as part of the normal Sunday service and Jake was one of six infants to be Christened that day! Thankfully, he behaved impeccably during the service and only got a little restless towards the end when he started to get tired.

Jake's Christening Story in the Harrison Jumpsuit Set

Comparing your older children's christenings, is there anything that you did different/ the same?    

Joshua and Grace's christenings were fairly straightforward with the church followed by the reception at a hotel. Grace's was less formal than Joshua's I would say but I probably enjoyed Jake's the most. It was lovely to see his older siblings interacting with him and I definitely put more thought and planning into Jake's - - from the chocolate bar wrappers to the framed picture of him for the display table. Being less experienced for the first two I didn't do these things. Each Christening was unique and lovely in it's own way. The only thing I would have changed (had I had any control over it!) was that I didn't get an appendicitis 5 days before Grace's christening resulting in an emergency operation. I was lucky to make the day and spent most of it feeling very sore on very strong pain killers!

Jake's Christening Party in the Harrison Jumpsuit SetJake Christening Party in the Harrison Jumpsuit Set

Do you have any advice for other parents who are in the process of planning a christening for their little one?    

I would suggest planning when you want your christening to happen and booking the church as soon as possible (ideally before your baby is even born!). It may sound silly but when your baby arrives you don't have time to think of much in the first few weeks apart from attending to your baby's needs. I tried to book the church we'd used for my other two when Jake was 2 months old and they were fully booked up for the following 10 months - - I was so disappointed. We had a shorter delay with the other church but it still meant that I had to buy him a new outfit as the gown I'd used for my other two children would have been too small. Also, think about whether you want a colour scheme or theme for the special day and plan around that. Finally, we brought lots of games for the children to play to keep them out of mischief like giant connect 4 and skittles etc - I would definitely recommend activities for the children if doing it indoors particularly and to get them to all have fun together without causing too much 'bored' chaos!

Jake's Christening Party in the Harrison Jumpsuit & Sweater Set

Did you have a theme or decorations?

The room was decorated with white bunting and baby blue christening balloons and the cake table was decorated with a vintage theme including a battered old child’s suitcase, vintage birdcage for holding cards and a shabby chic framed picture of Jake in his Christening Outfit.

Do you have any special traditions for christenings in your family or church?   

Not really, only that it's a lovely opportunity to get all the family together for a catch up!

Jake's Christening Cake

What did you like about his outfit?

This can of course also be used for any special occasion, including birthdays as we will be for Jake’s first Birthday in December.

Looking back, was there a highlight from Jake's christening?    

During the church service we were asked to parade Jake around the church so everyone could see him properly. I remember feeling very proud as I did this so this was probably one of my favorite moments. That and watching the love that my children showered on him. They both adore him!

Jake's Christening Day in the Harrison Jumpsuit SetJake's Christening Day in the Luke Jumpsuit Set

Thank you, Sharron, for sharing these beautiful pictures and words about Jake's Christening!

Photography by Natalie Ross




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